LD31 Resolution: McKnight and Chiaravalloti Win Reelection


Assembly members Nicholas Chiaravalloti and Angela McKnight won today’s primary overwhelmingly, with approximately 5,000 votes each to their opponents’ totals of approximately 2,500 votes for Zadroga-Hart and 1,700 votes for Munoz, respectively, with most of Jersey City’s Ward F still outstanding but expected to tilt heavily to the incumbents.

Chiaravalloti and McKnight overcame an avalanche of outside spending to claim a landslide victory, winning roughly 65% of the vote in Bayonne in an unofficial count and a major plurality in Jersey City, according to Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) Spokesman Phil Swibinski.

Of course, they still have to get through the general election, but it is Hudson County, after all.

Chiaravalloti 6637

McKnight 6852

Zadroga-Hart 3204
Munoz 2089
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