LD33 Flashpoint: Stack Attack on Target Amid Flat Feeling in Most Polling Places Around the State


The word out of Union City is that state Senator Brian P. Stack (D-33) failed to get the low turnout memo.

Motivated by his own presence on the ballot, the GOTV animal from Hudson County uses the crunched together, sardine-style living in his hometown to his organizational advantage.

The city’s divided into ten wards, and Stack splits those wards into two zones apiece. He delegates different zones to team members who do nothing all day long but pound the pavement and the stairs and drag bodies down from the tops of the tenements out to the polling places.

If a team member pounds on a door and no one’s home, he goes back and pounds some more. If there’s no answer he goes through those other doors and then doubles back and doubles back until he can collar that person and take him or her to the polling station.

Working in their dedicated zones, the teams keep going in circles like human drill bits until they’ve emptied the rolls where they work.

Stack personally takes the district closest to the Heights in Jersey City – the southern end of Union City, which is the most densely populated part of the city.

A source close to that action told InsiderNJ that amid chatter about low voter turnout nearly everywhere else, Stack and company continue to act like they are in an enormously competitive Democratic Primary and running scared.


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