LD34 Flashpoint: Politically Muscled-up Gill’s Ascension to the Presidency Clears the Way for Timberlake

britnee Timberlake

Essex County Freeholder Brendan Gill’s elevation to the presidency of the Essex County Freeholder Board bodes well for the promotion of Freeholder President Britnee Timberlake.

The former president of the Freeholder Board – Timberlake is poised to succeed Lieutenant Governor-elect Sheila Oliver as the East Orange-based assemblywoman from the 34th District.

Chair of the local Democratic Party of Montclair, Gill might have also been able to make a play for the assembly seat, but that shot appeared diminished by the doppelganger effect of two Irish American males (Gill and sitting Assemblyman Tom Giblin) simultaneously installed.

It’s also difficult to envision East Orange – home to powerful Essex County Democratic Committee Chairman Leory Jones – without an assembly seat, with Montclair stacking all three seats (state Senator Nia Gill is from Montclair, as are Brendan Gill and Giblin).

The presidency to Gill – campaign manager for Governor-elect Phil Murphy ensured a deserved political flex for the well-connected Gill short of his going to Trenton, a pathway that now appears clear for the up-and-coming Timberlake.

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