Lesniak to Testify at EDA Hearing Tuesday

Former NJ Senator Ray Lesniak argues that NJ has to turn away from energy solutions that include the burning of fossil fuels to address the effects of climate change that will impact thousands of state residents. He says that though energy efficiencies and renewable energy technology will help accomplish this, nuclear power needs to be included in any energy policy changes.

Former state Senator Ray Lesniak (D-20) is scheduled to testify before Governor Phil Murphy’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) Task Force on July 9th, he told InsiderNJ last month.

“As the former Chairman of the Senate Economic Growth Committee and proud father of New Jersey’s Tax Incentives, I thank you for inviting me to give my views on tax incentives,” Lesniak plans to say in his remarks.

“I come here today to bring a voice of reason to the tax incentives discussion which has had lots of voices, but little reason.”

Editor’s Note.


The senator is still scheduled to testify first on Tuesday.


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