A Letter by Councilman Blakeley to Council President McBride


Good morning President McBride, 

I am very disappointed at your reported use of anti Semitic rhetoric to unfairly demean a diligent member of our legal staff.  

This is absolutely outrageous.  Your reported comment stems from an insidiously bigoted and Anti-Semitic perspective of Jews as parsimonious and cheap.  It is the height of irresponsibility for an elected leader to unfairly racially disparage a staff member and not even apologize.  

Because of your outrageous refusal to even apologize for your demeaning comments, I am requesting that you immediately resign your presidency of Trenton’s city council.  Your refusal to apologize brings further dishonor and ill repute to this council and to our city.  

I hope that my colleagues join me in formally censuring you for the use of this despicable slur at the next council meeting.  This city can not tolerate a leader trafficking in dangerous stereotypes that demean our hardworking staff members.  Could you imagine the outcry if someone had used a racial slur in a public meeting about an African American or Hispanic staff member?  All racial slurs are demeaning.  As elected officials in a majority minority city, we must take a stand against all forms of bigotry against all people.  Silence means consent.  

President McBride, you must do the responsible thing, apologize and immediately tender your resignation. The city of Trenton can not abide by leaders who traffic in divisive rhetoric that attempts to demean.  

Jerell Blakeley

City Councilman-At-Large


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