LETTER: Lance-Backing Mayor Objects to Star-Ledger Endorsement in CD-7

I am not surprised that the Star Ledger failed to endorse Congressman Leonard Lance in a recent editorial, but I am surprised by their disregard for facts and their drive to push voters to the extreme. 

Their issue with Mr. Lance is that he is in the same party as the President, apparently a disqualifier for any office seeker in New Jersey.  The paper asked, “What (has) Donald Trump done for the 7th (Congressional) District…other than clog the roads around Bedminster on weekends?”  As mayor of Bedminster, our town has not suffered from the Presidents visits, there are no clogged roads (he normally enters by helicopter), police overtime has been paid by the federal government (thanks to Congressman Lance), and even the smattering of protestors that have come into town have been mostly civil and respectful to the residents.  For our residents, Presidential visits have been “non-events”.  Despite not being based in fact, I suppose the editor considers this a cheap throwaway line…except we expect New Jersey’s paper of record to be about truth, not snarky insults to score partisan points. 

The endorsement was not a surprise because for the past two years there have been a number of Star Ledger opinion pieces praising Lance’s moderation then excoriating his party affiliation.  The paper said, “Lance is part of a vanishing breed in American politics, a moderate Republican from a gentler era.”  The paper also wrote, “Alone among his Republican colleagues, he had the decency to face voters at two town hall meetings, to hear their primal scream, and to pitch the need for centrist Republicans like him in Congress.”   

Our media continues to tell us that we need to calm the rhetoric in Washington, learn how to compromise, rather than demonize the opposition.  Lance is the type of Republican the Star Ledger claims we need to tone down the vitriol.  Yet a moderate problem solver (in the “Problem Solvers Caucus” dedicated to bipartisan action); this newspaper says that the moderate must go.  If the media helps to drive the Leonard Lances from congress, is it sending the message that only the screaming zealots who have fueled the current divide are serious contenders for elected office?   

Mr. Malinowski, does not bring a moderate voice to the district.  He comes from the beltway with talking points from the DNC; the reason behind his sudden move to NJ is obvious.  In a September debate he suggested that the entire Republican Party was a group of white nationalists.  Calling half of your moderate-conservative suburban district racists is hardly an indication that he wants to represent all of his constituents.  Malinowski’s platform, speeches and credentials focus solely on the DNC agenda, and are void of any ties to the seat he is pursuing.  The citizens of the 7th Congressional District in NJ deserve representation that reflects the pulse of their community and its unique contribution to our nation, NOT the imposed agenda of a beltway operative plunked down in our district as part of a DNC numbers game.   

Leonard Lance represents New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District well and deserves re-election on November 6th. 

Steven Parker is the Mayor of Bedminster Township

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  1. The Star Ledger and NJ.com grow more extremely progressive with the passage of time. I guess it’s their way of trying to hold on to their rapidly shrinking readership. Certainly they’ve done their level best to chase away readers who hold moderate or conservative views… just like the NJ state assembly and legislatures (and our current governor.)

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