Levine Proceeds with Run for Governor in the GOP Primary


Brian Levine has indeed decided to run in the GOP Primary for governor and today filed his paperwork with the state Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC).

Earlier this month, the former Somerset County Freeholder and former Mayor of Franklin Twp., formed an exploratory committee to examine the efficacy of a run for governor this year in the Republican Primary. First elected to the freeholder board in 2014, the moderate Levine at that time gave his party a countywide win in the face of shifting demographics that imperiled the GOP’s longstanding hold on county power.

He held the seat when he ran for reelection in 2017 but lost in 2020.

His decision to formally file to run for governor today – on the same week that former New Jersey Republican State Committee Doug Steinhardt aborted his own run, represents the professional accountant’s and former freeholder’s second run at statewide office.

“It is a preliminary analysis for now,” Levine told InsiderNJ two weeks ago, “but New Jersey needs so much rebuilding, that a patchwork quilt of concepts will not solve the problems; we need bold steps with our residents in mind.

“In the best of times, these last few years, New Jersey is broke,” he added.  “Now New Jersey is destitute with no survival plans.  We need a Governor who has new ideas and can resolve our fiscal crisis.  When I left office as Mayor, we had one of the highest surpluses in the state, while growing our police force and increasing services to citizens.  During my tenure as Freeholder, we maintained our AAA rating.”


Former assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16) remains the favorite in the GOP Primary for Governor. His campaign today issued several county party organization endorsements, but Levine said he has always been a “grassroots guy” and intends to seek the lines where he can but also to run through the end of the primary with the goal of generating sufficient backing from real Republican voters.

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