Low Turnout in the Ironbound Favors Amador, Who Braces for the 5 P.M. Witching Hour

The word from Newark in the Ironbound was low turnout.

The Amador people were smiling – tentatively – even as Campos and Fonseca workers stormed the East Ward doors.

If turnout stays low, incumbent Councilman Augusto “Augie” Amador figures he may have a shot.

At the moment – and sources said turnout hovered around 3,700 – the overall feeling was flat.

“No Shavar money,” explained an operative on the ground, referring to 2014 candidate Shavar Jeffries, who spiked turnout.

This year, Mayor Ras Baraka (pictured above with Assemblywoman Eliana Pintor Marin) is running against token opposition.

“If the numbers start getting crazy after 5 p.m., then we have a problem,” said a source.

Fearful of low turnout, the Fonseca and Campos camps were in full-bore GOTV mode – to get the Ironbound crazy.


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