LUPE PAC Backs Murphy for Governor

The leading statewide organization supporting the interests of Latinas and promoting more Latina representation in NJ politics, LUPE PAC today announced the endorsement of Phil Murphy for Governor in the 2017 NJ Primary Elections.

“After careful review of the policy positions of each of the candidates who sought our organization’s endorsement, we at LUPE PAC voted to endorse Phil Murphy for Governor,” stated Patricia Campos-Medina, President of LUPE PAC. “Our country is facing a critical choice between inclusiveness and the politics of bigotry. Phil Murphy represents a historic opportunity to stop the overreach of power coming from the White House. We need a NJ Governor who will stand up for immigrant women as they fight to keep their families together from the threat of deportation and we need a Governor who will make sure our government embraces and reflects the diversity of this state by including Latina voices in leadership,” concluded Campos Medina.

“We believe that Phil Murphy is the right candidates to bring back economic growth and prosperity to NJ. That is why we urge Latinas and all voters to vote for Phil Murphy for Governor in the June 6th gubernatorial primary election,” Campos Medina added.

The organization promotes and supports progressive leaders who stand up for an agenda that invest in women political leadership and advances critical policy issues that matter to Latinas in NJ.

Following is the list of members of the Executive Board of LUPE PAC:

Patricia Campos Medina, President; Zulima Farber, Vice-President; Arlene Quinonez-Perez, Treasurer; Sonia Delgado, Recording Secretary; Grissele Camacho, Milagros Camacho, Carol Cuadrado, Lizette Delgado-Polanco, Julie Diaz, Lucia Gomez, Shawn Laurenti, Kay Licausi, Laura Matos, Analilia Mejia (pictured), Carmen Mendiola, Cristina Pinzon, Ana Maria Tejada, Noemi Velazquez and Katilia Velez.

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