Maldonado Moves and Dublin V. Walker in Hudson County

Junior Maldonado: the Chris Durkin of Hudson County?

Negotiations continued today in Jersey City as the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) tries to sort out who gets what.

It’s a mess, but within the swamp some definable features emerged.

Freeholder Junior Maldonado appears poised for county clerk, replacing retiring Clerk Barbara Netchert and freeing up a freeholder seat that Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop needs to fill. That replacement’s fluid right now, as the mayor has a number of people hanging on him and vying to go countywide out of JC.

Fulop’s narrowed the field more for the south side Jersey City seat, the one occupied by an ally turned sworn enemy: labor leader Gerry Balmir.

Will the mayor go with veteran brand name Jeff Dublin, the former freeholder, or Jerry Walker, the former college hoops star? Or Ward A activist Pamela Johnson?

Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano looks to be in line for the HCDO line out of Hoboken, but allies say that if the establishment backs him for reelection that doesn’t necessarily mean he would abandon his dream of running for mayor of the mile-square city.

It’s volatile.


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