Mayor Ras Baraka on the Water Main Break in Newark


“A large water main break in Belleville this morning impacted water service in the North, West, and part of the South and Central Wards of Newark. Because of this, some of our residents and businesses have experienced no water or low pressure. A boiled-water advisory is in effect until further notice.

“The Department of Water and Sewer Utilities has been working diligently all day to get the break under control and restore full service. Because of this hard work, some residents have seen their water service restored and we are continuing to work until full restoration.

“We are going door-to-door to issue bottled water to residents in affected areas. Several businesses donated these bottles to the city, and we are thankful for their support. We are also grateful to our residents for their patience, especially those who have stepped in today to help neighbors with water delivery.

“If you are experiencing a water emergency or have questions, please contact 973-733-3654 or 973-733-4311. If you are in need of bottled water, please call us at 973-733-3274.”

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