Mayor Sam Joshi Fundraises Over $200,000 in January

Well ahead of his 2025 reelection, Edison Mayor Sam Joshi fundraised $200,800 in the first month of 2024. Allies of the first term Mayor say he enjoys a healthy popularity among Edison voters.

According to the campaign, Joshi’s fundraising haul came from mostly first-time donors. The overwhelming majority of funds came from minority business owners with roots or family in Edison.

Spokesman for Joshi’s campaign, said the mayor’s team is “very confident that the campaign will have the resources needed to run a comprehensive town wide reelection campaign.”

Edison is notorious for highly contentious, bitter elections. In 2022 the Edison mayor’s race was arguably the most hotly contested in the state. Joshi defeated Mahesh Bhagia in the primary and went on to narrowly defeat perennial Republican challenger Keith Hahn. Hahn lost two mayoral bids in both 2017 and 2022, despite teaming up for Bhagia’s support in the ‘22 general.

Joshi is seeking his second term as mayor.

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