McDevitt Jeers at ‘Thug Mentality’ of ‘Clown Car Rally’

A rally by his opposition last night in front of his home in Atlantic City, chronicled here on the InsiderNJ iLine, did not impress local labor leader Bob McDevitt, who spearheads the “yes” vote in favor of a change of government in the seaside gambling mecca.

“If I were to describe the last several decades of Atlantic City’s failure to thrive, I would refer to the video from last nights ‘rally’,” McDevitt told InsiderNJ.

“The little parade of Clown Cars disturbing the peace after the 8 o’clock curfew* demonstrates the thug mentality of Atlantic City politicians and their stooges,” he added. “This is exactly why change is needed.”

Local Democratic Party leader Craig Callaway yesterday said he doesn’t see the pro-referendum team led by McDevitt winning a single ward.

He doesn’t even see a win for the “yes” vote in the 6th Ward, seen as the most likely stronghold for the “yes” vote. The 1st, home to former Mayor Don Guardian, also boasts hiher turnout than all other wards except the 6th, at least as of Saturday.

Asked if high voter turnout (21% of all participation as of Saturday) in the 6th bodes well for his side, McDevitt said only, “That’s out belief.”

Alerted to the labor leader’s comments, one of his rivals blandly hit send on the following story from the archives of the Press of Atlantic City.

*There is, in fact, a 10 p.m. noise ordinance but a state-imposed curfew.

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