McKenna to Corrado: ‘I was Told They Did Not Want Me to Know”

Senator Kristin Corrado, Assemblyman Kevin Rooney and Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips release a statement condemning the donation of $2500 contribution by former Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino to the Democratic candidate for Morris County Sheriff.

Senator Kristin Corrado (R-40) kept on offense with Charles McKenna at this afternoon’s Select Committee on Investigation hearing.

“I would have decided the person needed to be separated from government or I would have conducted an investigation into what happened,” McKenna told Corrado when he asked her what he would have done as chief counsel had he found out someone on the staff stood accused of rape.

“It appeared they were taking some action,” McKenna added.

“I was told they did not want me to know,” said the former Schools Development Authority chief who in June said he took the order from counsel Matt Plakin to tell Al Alvarez he needed to “step back from government.”

McKenna didn’t ask why the administration wanted him to tell Alvarez to separate himself from government.

“I assumed the people who looked at the facts,” he told Corrado. “I assumed the people making the decisions above me were making their decisions in proportion with what the facts were. …I don’t know why they included the Christie guy in the middle of it.”

“I would have wanted to know, but that’s just me,” Corrado said. “That would raise a red flag.”

McKenna later told state Senator Fred Madden (D-4) that it was his understanding that Alvarez and Platkin would work out the details of the former chief of staff’s departure.



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