McKeon in Position to Succeed Codey


Barring a seismic shift, Assemblyman John McKeon (D-27) will receive the organizational nod to succeed retiring state Senator Richard J. Codey.

A former mayor of West Orange, McKeon first assumed his assembly seat in 2002. He previously served in the Assembly as a Deputy Speaker (2010–11), Majority Whip (2008–09), Assistant Majority Leader (2006–07) and Assistant Majority Whip (2004–05), and has been the Assembly’s Parliamentarian since 2022.

Chair of the Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee, he is a former chair and/or veteran ranking member of the Assembly Enviornmental, Judiciary and Budget committees.

Vocal, highly regarded by his colleagues, McKeon has proved a standout for many years, and a go-to lawmaker on complex issues.

Two years ago, he briefly occupied a Governor Phil Murphy shortlist for the position of attorney general.

Assemblyman John F. McKeon Reflects on Governor Richard J. Codey’s Retirement from the New Jersey State Senate:

West Orange, New Jersey – As Governor Richard J. Codey concludes his distinguished 50-year service to the State of New Jersey, Assemblyman John F. McKeon offers heartfelt remarks honoring the legacy of a dedicated public servant.

“Governor Codey’s contributions, integrity, and profound commitment to the betterment of New Jersey stand as a beacon of inspiration for all future public servants. His unwavering dedication to our great state, spanning half a century, is a testament to his passion. His impactful legislative achievements have significantly improved the lives of countless New Jerseyans and have left an indelible mark on the fabric of New Jersey politics.

Governor Codey’s advocacy for mental health awareness and support has set a transformative course for our state. His tireless efforts have led to enhanced accessibility to mental health services, reducing stigma and nurturing a more compassionate society.

The Governor’s accessibility and willingness to listen have created a bond of trust between him and the people he served for so long. To this day, there is no question as to why he is one of the most popular public officials!

I am honored to have served alongside my dear friend for the past 21 years and I extend my best wishes to Governor Codey, his wife MaryJo, his sons Kevin and Chris, and their grandchildren as they embark on this new chapter.

Governor Codey’s retirement indeed marks the end of an era in New Jersey politics, but his legacy will continue to inspire and shape the state’s future for years to come.”

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  1. A popular politician wins the primary on the county line and retires two months later. Are we to believe he only decided to retire after he had won the primary? This leaves the county party in a position of naming the replacement. If this is all legal, and it is, it is clear that the law needs to be changed so that voters, not politicians, decide who serves. If New Jersey was a state that had citizen, initiative and referendum, We The People would have the right to set the rules.

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