MCRC: DeFilippis Steps Aside for Health Reasons

Statement on Ron DeFilippis from the Morris County Republican Committee
November 17, 2019
As of November 8, 2019, Ron DeFilippis has temporarily stepped aside to focus on his health and well being. The entire executive board of MCRC wishes to thank Ron for all of his selfless efforts and is sending him positive thoughts and prayers.
What the public may not know is that while he faced personal and medical challenges, his commitment to MCRC never wavered. It is unfortunate that while Ron was receiving necessary care this week in the hospital, he was the object of hateful and unwarranted criticism. We hope all Republicans can move forward with Ron’s example of selfless behavior and dedication to the people and the Party.
Effective immediately, Laura Marie Ali will be the Acting Chair of Morris County Republican Committee. Spring-boarding from an excellent election season, we know that our current momentum will assure that the Republican Party in Morris County will be the benchmark of success for the entire state of New Jersey. We know that working together can ensure bigger victories, larger successes and greater prosperity. All are welcome to join MCRC’s big tent.
We look forward to a great winter and setting the stage for an exceptional year when Morris County will be the game changer in all 2020 elections, from the President of the United States of America down to the municipal levels of government.
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