Menendez Camp Criticizes Disingenuous Hugin Campaign Ad

The Senator Bob Menendez Campaign this morning went on the attack in the aftermath of a TV ad released by Bob Hugin’s campaign, pointing out that Hugin’s record indicates he’s no moderate, despite his claims in the ad.

In the ad, Hugin says he’s pro choice and pro marriage equality.

The Menendez Camp jeered.

“Greedy drug company CEO Bob Hugin has spent millions supporting some of the most extreme Republicans—from Jesse Helms to Mitch McConnell to the Republican parties of Arkansas and South Carolina; let’s not forget the quarter-of-a-million to help elect Donald Trump,” said Menendez Campaign Chairman Michael Soliman.  “These are people who vote down the line with the NRA, oppose Planned Parenthood and deny basic ideas of social justice.  That’s who Bob Hugin is, and no ad is going to change that despicable record.”

According to public records and tax information, Hugin has personally contributed $2.1 million dollars over the past 20-plus years to Republican candidates, PACs and conservative organizations that oppose a woman’s right to choose, LGBTQ equality, and any sensible gun safety measures, including $250,000 to help elect Donald Trump.  The Hugin Family Foundation gave over $500,000 to the right-wing Heritage Foundation and $4,000 to the Cato Institute.

Hugin’s deep-pocketed donations have gone to House Speaker Paul Ryan, SOliman noted, who has led the crusade in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Rep. Tom McArthur.  Hugin has also historically backed anti-gay politicians like Scott Garrett and the late Jesse Helms.

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