Menendez Spokesman Lays into ‘Robber Baron’ Hugin

The NJGOP came off a summit this past weekend where they hailed retired pharma executive Bob Hugin as a strong foil for U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), but the senator’s allies say voters will see through what they believe is a thin veneer and correct to the “D” column and their top of the ticket incumbent.

“The Republican Chair needs to get his own house in order,” Menendez Spokesman Mike Soliman said in response to an InsiderNJ interview with NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt.

“His Senate candidate has been called a ‘robber baron’ because he abused cancer patients by raising prices three times- more than $80 million- in a single year on the drugs they need,” he added.

“He has congressional candidates who follow the NRA’s demands on opposing common sense gun safety laws,” Soliman said. “And he has legislators who fly the Confederate flag and demean women. This year Democrats are energized and unified and the Republicans have flawed candidates undercut by even more flawed records.”

A Monmouth University Poll today shows voters galvanized in opposition to President Donald J. Trump. A second Monmouth Poll, released last week, shows Menendez beating Hugin by 21 points.

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