Mercer Clerk: Pull the Plug

The full statement of Paula Sollami Covello, Esq.:

“As Mercer County Clerk, I am withdrawing from the Appeal of the injunction issued by Judge Quraishi following the Third Circuit Court of Appeal’s denial of a Stay in the Kim v. Hanlon case.  As I have stated previously, this appeal was about the timing of the federal court’s decision and the immediate impact on ballot preparation and the election process. The denial of a stay means that the ballot design and drawing of candidate positions will proceed as ordered by the Court. At this time, my office will move forward in preparing ballots for mailing for the upcoming NJ Primary Election.  The drawing is set by statute for today, April 4, 2024 at 3pm, in the Office of the Mercer County Clerk in Trenton, NJ.  Following the drawing, ballots must be prepared in time to be mailed out to voters on April 20, 2024.”

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2 responses to “Mercer Clerk: Pull the Plug”

  1. What is her stance regarding the Republican line ? And where were all these clerks the last 50 years. This seems a little self serving….

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