Mikie Sherrill Doesn’t Want Biden to Pursue Reelection

U.S. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-11) this afternoon issued the following statement:

“Joe Biden has honorably served this country for more than 50 years with grace and dignity. During this administration, he has led remarkable legislation that will reverberate for generations – including historic investments in infrastructure, support for Ukraine and democracies around the world, strategic competition with China through restoring domestic manufacturing, economic recovery in the wake of COVID, and support for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits, to name a few.

“One of President Biden’s most significant accomplishments was defeating a man who represented an existential threat to the nation and the institutions upon which this country has been founded: former President, Donald J. Trump. That’s why I ran for office in the first place. I know we cannot allow Trump to return to the White House and implement his dangerous Project 2025 plan that hurts the middle class and threatens rights and freedoms, including abortion.

“I have heard from people in my district who are united in their concern for our country and our future. They want a leader who can continue to build on our successes but is also able to turn the nation’s attention to the urgent threat that Trump presents to our democracy, to our freedoms, and to our country. When I think of my four children and all of the rights that another Trump presidency endangers, and in light of the recent Supreme Court decision that gave inordinate power to the President of the United States, the stakes are too high – and the threat is too real – to stay silent. I realize this is hard, but we have done hard things in pursuit of democracy since the founding of this nation. It is time to do so again.

“I know that President Biden and his team have been true public servants and have put the country and the best interests of democracy first and foremost in their considerations. And because I know President Biden cares deeply about the future of our country, I am asking that he declare that he won’t run for reelection and will help lead us through a process toward a new nominee.”

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22 responses to “Mikie Sherrill Doesn’t Want Biden to Pursue Reelection”

  1. D-Day “ok boys the weathers against us, the seas are pretty rough, everybody turn around and go back we’ll regroup and try again in 4 months, thx.”

  2. I agree with you, Mikie.
    He definitely should step aside.
    If he doesn’t, we’ll vote for him, no question, but voters have lost confidence in his ability to stay the course.
    Btw, you are very brave and not afraid of to take a stand in what you believe in. I love my congresswoman!

  3. If it is a choice between Sherrill and President Biden, I’m voting for President Biden.

    Not so sure that I want to vote for someone as irrational and, well, stupid as Mikie Sherrill anymore.

  4. Sherrill is being groomed for NJ Governor. Biden is mentally and physically incapable of being president. kamala is grossly unqualified to be president.

    Right now there are efforts underway to permit some 15 million illegal aliens to vote. Harris supports this, as does Sherrill . That is a fact.

    Right now there is legislation, HR 1821, to require proof of citizenship and identification in order to vote. Sherrill is opposed to this.

    Are these the people we really want in power?

  5. Peter zzzzzz… so long as you mention immigration here and who holds what POV about foreign nationals legal status and voting perhaps you might favor us by articulating the rationale behind the raising of the Peruvian flag ceremony scheduled for this coming Saturday at ruby red Wayne township town hall and how that squares with your concerns about Vice President Harris and Congresswoman Sherrill’ positions on undocumented individuals according to you?

    Btw, the Bible teaches that God made man in His image and likeness. I assume then, that it is your strongly held view that God is illegal then? Do I have that right?

  6. Mikie Sherrill is a liar and a fraud. She’s been supporting Biden 100% of the time, along with her Democrat-Communist Congresscritters, knowing full well that Biden has had cognitive issues for the past 3 and 1/2 years. Sherrill has supported Biden and his complicit DHS (Mayorkas) allowing 15 MILLION illegals into this country for voting purposes.

    If Sherrill wants Biden to resign, all Democrats who supported Biden should also resign because they supported this man when he was destroying our country through destroying our national security (see, illegal aliens pouring into this country without any vetting and allowing them social security numbers and free money, while real Americans are cut off from government assistance; allowing our enemies to invade other countries; parking Russian “boomer” nuclear missile firing submarines less than 90 miles off of our shores; allowing the Chinese Navy to set up shop in Venezuelan ports, etc).

    No, Sherrill is a traitor of the first order. She’s voted with Biden 100% of the time to wreck this country and turn it into a socialist-communist country, so she and her ilk could retain power. Fire Sherrill on Election Day and make her resign by the vote.

  7. Stewart Resmer shouldn’t be talking about God if he supports the Democrat-Communists like Sherrill and Biden–both abortion advocates who kill babies. Resmer supports killing babies, and as such, is equated as nothing more than a child-murdering pedophile.

    As far as Resmer’s attempt to equate God to illegals, there is a process in this country to allow LEGAL migrants to become citizens; not allow ILLEGAL ALIENS to pour through our borders as terrorists, gang members and all sorts of criminals, mental defectives, and those released from insane asylums in other countries.

  8. Resmer, your comment has nothing to do with the column about Sherrill seeking Biden’s departure in favor of kamala. It is irrelevant.

    I have no idea why Wayne Township would fly a Peruvian flag, or any flag other than the American flag. I would not condone this. But again, what this has to do with the Sherrill and Biden article I do not know.

    I stand by facts. Both Sherrill and kamala favor open borders and permitting illegal aliens to vote. They both oppose HR 1821. Do the research.

    We have permitted some 15 million illegals into the US under Biden and border Czar kamala. They are both vocal about voting rights for these illegals.

    Further, we spend approximately $4 Billion per year on illegal aliens for free education, free healthcare, free housing, free legal services, free food stamps and much more. Now Sherrill and others are looking to permit illegals to vote.

    I disagree with this policy as do many others. What country in the world would allow this?

    You are free to support Sherrill and kamala as you see fit.

    As for God and the Bible, I never said God was illegal. Do not put words in my mouth please.

  9. Zzzzzx man yer the one who broached immigration in a departure from the issue of the Biden candidacy? So far as ‘putting words in your mouth’ you’ve done just fine putting your foot elsewhere on your own. All I asked was for you to articulate your position ? You’re soooo sensitive?

  10. Resmer, I think I made my opposition to Biden, kamala and Sherrill quite clear.

    Millions of illegals entering the US.
    Higher prices for food, housing, gas and oil.
    Millions of dollars to illegals
    Violet criminals released on no bail
    Wars heating up all over the world
    Billions of dollars in equipment left for the Taliban
    Dead soldiers due to an ill planned departure from Afghanistan.
    Massive national debt
    Chinese spy balloons permitted to fly over the US
    Men pretending to be girls playing girl sports.

    I could go on and on. Sherrill and kamala would be no different. Biden is the most damaging president we have ever had.

  11. Disappointed in Sherrill, but this page sure gets its fill of regular anonymous rightwing wackjobs spewing bluster and hate, a/k/a MAGA Republicans. As for Sherrill, still voting for her, but won’t support her gubernatorial bid if she makes one.

  12. Where is the bluster and hate Bobby?
    The comments are just that. Comments, opinions etc. No one is spewing any hate. You’re the one doing the name calling.

    The voting records of Sherrill and verbal support by kamala prove their support for Biden. Now Sherrill is running from Biden, proving her own self interest comes first.

    You call this spewing hatred? It seems this only proves you cannot tolerate opposing opinion.

    And if you cannot understand that some day Sherrill will run for Governor or other higher office, you are blind.

  13. Zzzzz… eat your broccoli. Fresh picked by the people yo hold in contempt. Tell your cleaning lady I said Ola! The landscapers too. The dishwasher at the banquet hall of your wedding. The road crews. Your hous painter.
    You know those who do the menial low paying jobs most American will not do.

    Btw do drop by Saturday at 3 and witness the Peruvian flag raised at Wayne Township muni center and enjoy the marketing pot of cultures?

  14. Tried have a civil discussion with you Resmer.
    Too bad you don’t have the civility to discuss matters with out the name calling or silly comments. Too bad you cannot stay on topic of Sherrill and Biden and their policies and voting records.
    Go ahead and have the last comment. You and not worth the time and effort to talk to.

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