Millennials for NJ to Donate $1,000 to Ten Millennial Candidates

Millennials for NJ has announced they will be donating $1,000 to ten millennial candidates running for office this November.

“I am proud to announce we will be making $1,000 donations to ten millennials candidates this year,” said Chairman, Matthew Anderson. “In politics, there is nothing harder than raising money. But we are here to support millennial candidates, and ensure they have the resources to be victorious this November.”

Last year, Millennials for NJ donated $1,000 to ten millennial candidates, notching six wins among them. Additionally, they contributed to more than a dozen other races, helping many first-time candidates achieve elected office.

“Millennials for NJ is once against stepping up to the plate to help millennials garner the resources they need to win,” said Hamilton Mayor Jeff Martin. “Last year, Matt and his team endorsed and contributed to my campaign, helping me defeat an entrenched two-term Mayor. Raising money is hard, but Millennials for NJ will do whatever they can to help you get across the finish line.”

To be eligible for a $1,000 donation, candidates must apply before October 10th. Candidates can apply here.

The Millennials for NJ Board is made up of the following NJ millennial political leaders: Chairman Matt Anderson, Assembly Majority Committee Aide Kaylee McGuire, Governor Phil Murphy Senior Aide Rebecca Schwartz, Parsippany Chief of Staff Matt Clarkin, and LD19 Legislative Director Juan Carlos Nordelo.

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