Mironov, Mercer Democrats, Want Coughlin and Scutari Reinstalled

Against the backdrop of Republican leadership implosion in the U.S. House, Mercer County Democratic Committee Chair Janice Mironov said she and the Mercer Dems want Speaker Craig Coughlin and Senate President Nick Scutari reinstalled in Trenton.

The full statement from democrats on their fellow Democrats:

“Mercer County has seen millions of dollars invested in infrastructure and significant community improvements under the leadership of NJ Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and NJ Senate President Nick Scutari. Their commitment to serving all of New Jersey, and valued partnership with Mercer County, in working together to improve our communities has been clearly demonstrated.

“The Mercer County delegation is proud to support both the Speaker and the Senate President for re-election to their leadership posts.”

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