Moms for Liberty Summon Two GOP Stalwarts

Assemblyman Robert "Bob" Auth (R-39)

Moms for Liberty was founded as a “parents rights” group focusing on school boards, but its reach is growing.

Two Republican legislative candidates – an incumbent and a challenger – have teamed up with the “Moms” with a straightforward goal – “to win control of the state legislature and reverse Phil Murphy’s radical, anti-family policies.”

This is the work of incumbent Assemblyman Robert Auth from LD-39 in Bergen and Passaic counties and state Senate candidate Michael D. Byrne in LD-27 covering mostly Essex County. They just announced the formation of a Moms for Liberty Coalition of Candidates.

The interesting point here is not that Republicans are collaborating with a grassroots conservative organization. It’s that Moms for Liberty appears to be branching out into overtly partisan politics.

There is, of course, an overlap here.

Byrne says “parents rights” are the biggest issue of the fall campaign; all 120 legislative seats are up.

It also is an issue heartily embraced by Republicans across the state. That’s especially

been the case after the Murphy Administration through its Attorney General sued four local school districts – three in Monmouth and one in Morris – regarding new policies governing the treatment of gay and transgender students. The policies are on hold as the litigation plays out.

Some GOP lawmakers have also called for the adoption of specific parental rights legislation.

Auth and Byrne are on board with that.

“Bergen County needs a strong Moms for Liberty organization to promote and defend the integrity of the family unit,” Auth said.  “And New Jersey needs Moms for Liberty to end Phil Murphy’s secretive gender identity policies in our schools.”

Byrne concurred, saying, “The moms of Moms for Liberty know that the future of our country is inextricably linked to the strength of families. No one can hold a family together like a strong mom and Moms for Liberty is proving that no one can save a country like a group of moms.”

Rhetoric aside, what impact will this coalition have?

In what figures to be a low turnout election, just about anything that brings out conservatives will help Republicans.

More specifically, Auth’s district is a pretty safe Republican one.

As for Byrne, he faces a huge challenge no matter what happens. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in LD-27 by more than 3-1.

When it comes to parental rights, Republicans have been enthused by a recent Monmouth poll that showed overwhelming support for schools notifying parents if a student wants to be identified by a different gender. That is the Republican position.

Here’s a cautionary note. A poll question in the middle of summer is one thing; actually voting with this issue in mind may be another.

At any rate, the Moms for Liberty dalliance with Republicans has come to the attention of the New Jersey Public Education Coalition, which was formed to oppose “right wing extremism” in public schools.

Its founder, Mike Gottesman, issued a statement that begins by lamenting the fact so-called non-partisan school elections “may be quickly disappearing.”

Few could seriously quibble with that assessment.

More to the point, Gottesman points out that the Southern Poverty Law Center has called Moms for Liberty an “extremist group.”

He added, “It’s important to recognize that the “Parents’ Rights” movement is not a movement for all parents. They concern themselves only with the rights of parents who agree with their anti-inclusion, anti-diversity agenda. The rights of parents who disagree with them are disregarded and rejected.”

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5 responses to “Moms for Liberty Summon Two GOP Stalwarts”

  1. I would expect a group like this to be in Bergan, Morris & Sussex Counties not Essex!!! ?Are there any Black women in the Hate Group?

  2. The Southern Public Law Center has become a national joke. Anyone they don’t like is labeled as Nazis or right-wing extremists. Watch more than a few Dems flip on this issue between now and November. Coughlin and Scutari are nervous. This issue, along with the dead whales, will take out Vin Gopal.

  3. After reading the 3 commenters espousing their left-wing hate narrative, I come to the conclusion that they are nothing but irrelevant USEFUL IDIOTS, gas-lighters, propagandists, and stooges.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is an anti-American, anti-family EXTREMIST ORGANIZATION! They are a pro-Nazi, pro-Socialist organization hell bent on turning this country into a socialist-communist hellhole by projecting and calling pro-American, pro-Conservative groups Nazis and “extremists”. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a pro-pedophile, pro-child sexual abuse organization who’s founder has been associated with the same.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is supported by the likes of pro-Nazi billionaire George Soros and his organizations, as well as supported by anti-2nd Amendment billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his anti-2nd Amendment, pro-Communist organizations like “Moms Demand Action”.

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