The Monmouth County Legend of Norma Rosenbloom

Attendees at Vin Gopal’s Thursday night fundraiser at the Watermark included veteran Monmouth County Democrat Norma Rosenbloom, long-serving chair of the Shrewsbury Democratic Committee.

Ninety-one years old, Rosenbloom fought to desegregate the schools in Asbury Park in the late 40s and launched a career as an educator and attorney, managing her first school board election in the 1950s in Interlaken, where her opposition attacked her for being Jewish.

Rosenbloom later served as the Municipal Chair in Monmouth Beach where she helped create the Monmouth County Democratic Party bylaws in the 1980s and now serves as the Municipal Chair in Shrewsbury. Rosenbloom, a world traveler, went all throughout China earlier this year with her friend Red Bank Council President Kathy Horgan.
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