Monteiro to State Officials: Proposed Naming of Elizabeth School After Mayor Bollwage by Board Members a ‘Contemptuous Act’

Former Elizabeth Board of Education minder Tony Monteiro fired off a letter today to Acting Department of Education Commissioner Kimberly Harrington, CCing copies to the governor and attorney general, requesting state intervention in his home city prior to the next Board of Education meeting.
Monteiro noted a judge’s recent chastising of four members of the Elizabeth Board of Education, whose status as city workers prevented them from avoiding a conflict of interest when they installed City Councilman Frank Cuesta in a bulked up, six-figure BOE job.
“Now, we are aware that on April 6, 2017 this board will be moving to rename a school after Mayor Chris Bollwage,” Monteiro wrote. “We believe the the conflicts that have already been established as well as the additional conflicts and complaints to be filed clearly highlight the continued misappropriation of city taxpayer dollars without proper legal authority.  Therefore the naming of this school after Mayor Bollwage at the minimum would be inappropriate, if not illegal.”
Monteiro requested a review of the matter to ensure that any conflicts and actions by the board designed to benefit themselves and their family members are addressed immediately.
“We believe that these board members should not be allowed to vote on any decisions connected to the City of Elizabeth, the Mayor Chris Bollwage or other conflicts that might exist,” Monteiro wrote. “Certainly the naming of a school to gift to Mayor Chris Bollwage is a contemptuous act by those that are presently ruled to be in conflict.”


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  1. Sign the petition against naming one of the academies after bollwage

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