Moriarty to Seek LD-4 Senate Seat

Democratic Party county conventions in Camden and Gloucester are set to meet on Wednesday evening to choose the 4th Legislative District slate as State Assembly Paul Moriarty has declared his intentions to seek the State Senate seat being vacated by State Senator Fred Madden after twenty years in office. Also, Gloucester Township Councilman Dan Hutchison and Monroe Board of Education member Cody Miller are running for State Assembly seats as 12-year incumbent Assemblywoman Gabriella Mosquera has decided to not run for re-election.

“I’m extremely honored to have served South Jersey as a State Senator from the 4th Legislative
District and working closely with Assemblyman Moriarty, it is with great enthusiasm that I
endorse his candidacy to serve as our next State Senator because he has the tenacity to put
our residents first,” said State Senator Fred Madden.

State Assemblyman Paul Moriarty serves as the Chairman of the Assembly Consumer Affairs
Committee and had a distinguished career as a consumer investigative reporter for KYW-TV,
the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia, where he has made a difference fighting for South Jersey

“Working everyday to fight for South Jersey is something I take great pride in,” said Moriarty.
“We are facing an affordability crisis in our state, our residents, seniors, veterans and small
business owners need smart public policies that understand the challenges they encounter. As
political divisions run hot in our country and community, I will continue to be a consensus builder who will fight to make a difference and thwart divisive politics to get things done for you.”

After more than a decade in office, State Assemblyman Gabriela Mosquera has decided to not
seek re-election. As the Chairwoman of the Woman and Children Committee in the Assembly
and mother of five, Assemblywoman Mosquera has brought a keen insight to the issues facing
our families and she is confident that the 4th Legislative District has a phenomenal team to
advocate for South Jersey.

“It has been such a privilege to represent South Jersey in the state legislature, said Mosquera.
“As I chose to not seek re-election after six terms, I am excited about the phenomenal group
running together with my dear friend and colleague, Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, running for
State Senate, and community leaders in Dan Hutchison and Cody Miller. This ticket truly
represents the best of South Jersey and their profound commitment to make a difference will
serve South Jersey well and I wholeheartedly endorse this team.”

Gloucester Township Councilman Dan Hutchison will bring fiscal expertise to the State Capitol
as he has spent his career helping families navigate financial hardship, years of community
service as a youth sports coach and mentor, and as the father of four understands the
challenges our families deal with at the kitchen table.

“Working with families in some of the most difficult times to find their way back from financial
hardship and teaching young people about financial literacy drives me to make a difference for
our South Jersey residents,” said Hutchison. “These experiences have given me a unique
vantage point about the importance of making New Jersey more affordable. As families struggle
with rising costs, higher taxes and income not keeping pace, we need sound fiscal policies that
support our small business owners, bolster our economy and create opportunities for success in
South Jersey.”

Cody Miller serves on the Monroe Board of Education, where he fought for their first tax
decrease ever as Board President and successfully implemented full day pre-kindergarten, and
is the Director of Foundation & Alumni Relations for Rowan College of South Jersey.

“It is essential that we must lower the cost of government, while making sure that residents get
the highest quality of services they deserve and embrace policies to make our state more
affordable,” said Miller. “When you cut through the partisan divisions and focus on the needs of
residents you can accomplish real progress. I’ve seen it first hand as we held the line on
taxation at the Monroe Board of Education, while expanding pre-k, and made smart strategic
investments to lower energy costs on consumers at town hall in Monroe. Together, we can do
more with less and make South Jersey an even better place to call home.”

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