Munoz: Murphy Plan Kills Affordable Public Transit

Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz (R-21) criticized the Murphy administration’s plans to raise NJ Transit fare prices by 15% and then 3% indefinitely. The same tact was taken for the Turnpike Authority, which has the power to raise tolls 3% annually.

“Gov. Murphy said he will fix New Jersey Transit if it kills him. His only plan is to kill affordable public transit for residents now that he doesn’t have to worry about state elections anymore,” said Munoz (R-Union), the GOP budget officer.

Murphy vetoed the Turnpike Authority’s budget just before the November election because it included a 3% toll hike, and hasn’t addressed funding the authority since. The most recent cost increase announcement for NJ Transit is a similar plan.

“Democrats only plan when facing financial problems is to make people pay more. Plain and simple,” Munoz concluded.

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