Murphy Calls on Menendez to Resign

Governor Phil Murphy this evening issued the following statement about indicted U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez:

“The allegations in the indictment against Senator Menendez and four other defendants are deeply disturbing. These are serious charges that implicate national security and the integrity of our criminal justice system. Under our legal system, Senator Menendez and the other defendants have not been found guilty and will have the ability to present evidence disputing these charges, and we must respect the process. However, the alleged facts are so serious that they compromise the ability of Senator Menendez to effectively represent the people of our state. Therefore, I am calling for his immediate resignation.”

The state’s Democratic Party establishment followed, starting with Democratic State Party Chairman LeRoy Jones.

Statements poured forth, everyone from Speaker Craig Coughlin to Senate President Nick Scutari, to Middlesex County Democratic Chairman Kevin McCabe, to Passaic County Democratic Committee Chairman John Currie.

They all demanded Menendez’s resignation.

Hudson stayed quiet for the moment.

So did other county leaders.

But Jones has called for a county chairs meeting to convene Saturday morning at which time sources expect the rest – or most of the rest – of the Democratic Party’s leaders to fold in and demand Menendez’s resignation.

The statewide staple of Democratic Party politics in New Jersey going back to 2006, powerful chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, U.S. Sen. Menendez of New Jersey and his wife Nadine have been indicted in New York on federal bribery charges related to an allegedly corrupt relationship with three businessmen to benefit Egypt, according to CNBC.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan scheduled a press conference for 11 a.m. ET Friday to discuss the indictment.

At that press conference this morning, U.S. Attorney Damian Williams of the Southern District of New York laid out the three-count indictment.

“He used his power and influence, including his leadership role on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to benefit the government of Egypt in various ways,” Williams said of New Jersey’s senior senator.

Menendez allegedly provided sensitive U.S. government material to Egyptian officials.

As the U.S. Attorney’s press conference began, the New Jersey Republican State Committee (“NJGOP”) released the following statement in response to the news that the feds indicted Menendez: “While we acknowledge the Senator’s presumption of innocence and right to a fair trial, it is clear that his decade-long legal woes have become an embarrassing distraction. For the good of the people of this state, who deserve full and devoted representation, we call on Senator Robert Menendez to resign.” – Alexandra Wilkes, NJGOP Spokeswoman
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4 responses to “Murphy Calls on Menendez to Resign”

  1. Menendez have been a corrupt politician since his days as Union City mayor. A long and shameful career as politician, being investigated by the FBI numerous times. He have escaped every one of them bcs of afraid witnesses. I hope,this time, he goes down for good. The politician with the dubious distinction of being recognized as the most corrupt in Washington should not be representing the State of New Jersey.

  2. Well said. Unfortunately the people of NJ consistently vote Democrat and the likes of Menendez and other corrupt liberal Democrats.

    Menendez has indicated he will not resign. Even if he did the Democrats have Mikie Sherrill or Steve Fulop waiting in the wings. Both just as shady as Menendez. Both just as crazy liberal as Menendez

  3. Governor Phil KNUCKLEHEAD Murphy is the last guy that should be calling for Menendez to resign. Murphy murdered over 7,000 New Jerseyans with his COVID-19 executive orders to put infected patients into compromised senior and assisted living facilities and veteran’s facilities causing the massive number of deaths. Based on the penalties and punishments for each murder or negligent homicide in New Jersey, Murphy should be in jail for the next 200,000 years.

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