Murphy Honors Sheila Oliver

Governor Phil Murphy today at a press conference (see below) in Trenton told reporters he has not made a decision regarding a successor to the late Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver, who headed the state’s Department of Community Affairs.

“I’m obligated to make a decision within 45 days of her passing,” said Murphy. “All of our energies are focused on a proper farewell to Sheila. It is historic, given the historic person she was.

“This incredible leader. This incredible human being. We will focus on nothing over the next eight days more than sending her off with the sort of send-off she so richly deserves. The decision to ask Sheila to be my running mate six years ago almost uncannily to the day, was the best decision I ever made. God rest her soul.”

Sheila Oliver died on August 1st.

“Please keep Sheila and all of her family in your prayers,” Murphy said.

Three-Day Celebration of Life Will Take Place from Thursday, August 10 through Saturday, August 12
The official New Jersey State Funeral and Memorial Service for Lieutenant Governor Sheila Y. Oliver will take place at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark on Saturday, August 12, 2023. 
The New Jersey State Funeral and Memorial Service will follow two days when Lieutenant Governor Oliver will lie in state in both the Rotunda of the New Jersey State Capitol and the Essex County Historic Courthouse. The three-day “Celebration of Life” will pay tribute to Lieutenant Governor Oliver’s extraordinary life and legacy of public service. 
“As we come together in shared mourning over the loss of our family member and friend Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver, we will remember the legacy she leaves behind as a changemaker and trailblazer,” said Murphy. “Together, we will honor and celebrate her remarkable contributions to the state she loved, recognizing the profound impact she had on the millions of people who call New Jersey home.” 
EDITOR’S NOTE: InsiderNJ took the picture above of Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver in 2017, when Murphy formally unveiled his choice as a running mate: the former Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly.


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4 responses to “Murphy Honors Sheila Oliver”

  1. O.K. I get it. We’re going to have a 2-week morning period for LG Oliver. What about working on cutting property taxes (education portion) IMMEDIATELY by 50% across the board???? Does the State of New Jersey come to a complete halt because a politician died??? I hope not.

    What about stopping the killing of whales and dolphins off of our shores because Governor Phil KNUCKLEHEAD Murphy stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in his pocket if he doesn’t get his pet wind turbine project done; and destroy New Jersey tourism at the shore because the wind turbines are 900 feet tall and will be an eye-sore for many miles from the beach. And, it will cause destruction of NJ commercial and recreational fisheries and lobstering.

    What about fixing Waywayanda State Park. It looks like a dump and run down. Where’s the tax money for that and what is the Governor’s office and Democrat-Socialist legislature going to do about it to fix it up and make it profitable so the state can collect taxes from it???

    These, and a myriad of other issues need to be addressed now that a politician is dead. Time to move on. Nothing to see here anymore.

  2. NoMoreMarxistsInDC, please do the world a favor and drop dead. A state leader dies and you have no compassion. Had it been a Republican you would have been calling for a national monument. Just go jump off a long pier and drown yourself, jackass.

  3. A state leader??? None of the Democrats in New Jersey are state leaders. They are insurrectionists and seditionists looking to overthrow our Constitutional Republic form of gov’t. They’ve been doing it for decades under the Democrat banner, which in reality is a Socialist-Communist banner. Oliver did not favors for black families, divorced fathers in the black community (throwing them in jail for owing support when they didn’t have the means because of being low-income and backing unconstitutional domestic violence laws to throw fathers out of their homes, many times on false allegations), was involved in the Democrats’ scheme to drive up property taxes for purported “education” which is failing in black communities, etc.

    So, don’t play the holier-than-thou game, when you’re a provocateur who makes false allegations about Republican politicians and Republican voters. And, Kevin Holden says you’re still a coward and a fraud.

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