Murphy: ‘Let’s Remember Hamas Started This’

The video quickly made the rounds two days ago – a woman loudly confronting Phil Murphy at a Lunar New Year celebration at Drumthwacket about the New Jersey-Israeli State Commission.

As the woman railed against Israel’s “genocidal” actions in Gaza, the governor oddly asked if she wanted a picture.

That didn’t happen. But to use the benign term that’s always used in these cases, the woman was “escorted” out of the premises.

The governor’s first public appearance after that adventure was Thursday morning in Newark.

“People have the right to protest. I don’t begrudge that, but there’s a time and a place,” Murphy said.

His obvious point was that a holiday celebration at the governor’s mansion is neither the time nor place.

More broadly, the governor said after announcing $95 million in aid to combat opioid and related substance abuse problems that he tries to separate the passion on both sides of the Israeli-Gaza conflict with the human need.

New Jersey is home to many Jews and many Palestinians. As such, Murphy said his administration supports the protection of innocent lives and the release of hostages held by Hamas.

But he said there is a bottom line.

“Let’s remember Hamas started this. … And Hamas has let the Palestinian people down, to say it politely.”
As for the state’s Israeli Commission, Murphy said that’s not going anywhere.

How about changing the “protocol” of who gets into celebrations at Drumthwacket?

The traditional practice of all administrations is to vet the people who enter an event with the governor. Simple logic suggests that in this case, that was not properly done.

Murphy declined to talk about protocol going forward, because he said that involved security plans.

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2 responses to “Murphy: ‘Let’s Remember Hamas Started This’”

  1. I didn’t know the 1st Amendment Right to Protest had protocols and limitations such as a “time and a place”. The government says you need a permit to protest. Where does it say that in the U.S. Constitution??? That’s a fake construct by government. I don’t see anyone getting a permit to protest that blocks highways, bridges, sporting events, Christmas events (at Rockefeller Center), etc. But, the Governor says he doesn’t want his party to be interfered with???? Guess what Governor? You’re a public official. Your salary is paid for by taxpayers. You serve at the pleasure of the taxpayers and voters. Drumthwacket is paid for by public taxpayer funds. If someone wants to protest you and the government, you need to make preparations for it. That’s what the 1st Amendment is all about.

  2. C’mon, Tom, you’re being silly. The US constitution doesn’t mention anything about drivers licenses or requiring people to shovel their sidewalks or pay for street parking, yet we all have to do these things. And, yes, he does serve at the please of the voters who elected him twice. It’s too bad you couldn’t or wouldn’t address the reason for the protest and the subject of the article.

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