Murphy on the Snowstorm: ‘It’s a Mess’

Governor Phil Murphy gave a snowstorm update this morning on WCBS Radio, advising New Jerseyans to avoid driving this morning, if they can.

“It is playing out about what we expected – it’s a mess,” said Murphy.

Five inches in Sussex right now.

Expectations of nine to 12 inches up north and into Central Jersey.

Not bad in South Jersey.

“The morning commute is our biggest concern,” said the governor. “If you can stay at home, this is a good day to stay at home.”

Treacherous driving conditions out there.


Ice later.

The storm will continue until mid-day.

“If you can stay off the roads, I would strongly encourage that,” said Murphy. [Since COVID], “people have figured out how to be productive in a remote fashion.”

Do it, if possible.

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