Murphy Plays to a Smallish, Intimate, Impassioned Progressive Crowd at Party Conference

Governor Philip Murphy

ATLANTIC CITY – It may have been making lemonade out of lemons but the event had a strangely intimate feel.

Gov. Phil Murphy hopped onstage.

“We wear that diversity on our sleeve like a badge of honor,” the Democratic governor exulted amid a half circle of progressive and Currie/Schaffer diehards.

The poke at Trump.

The jab at Trump.

Murphy said something about the state committee never being in better shape.

It felt like a comment falling into a bifurcated crowd, half of which wasn’t present.

“Together, we… will… win,” Murphy said.

It was short.

Main remarks to come tomorrow, he said.

Segue to a blistering jazz track, pulsating with energy exactly the inverse of the room.

That’s not wholly true.

Again, there was energy.

It felt a little bused in, yes.

But it was quietly, earnestly ebullient.

The Murphys prepare for a grand entrance.

Again, the main event was going to be tomorrow.

“We’ve got her,” Democratic State Party Chairman John Currie said in reference to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who just yesterday announced the opening of an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

“I think it’s outrageous what he has done, if you believe what we’re reading,” Murphy told NJ Advance Media after the kickoff to the New Jersey Democratic State Committee’s annual convention in Atlantic City in reference to the president.



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