Murphy Shows Up at Sweeney’s Party – Addresses the Crowd: ‘We’re Both Irish!’

Things are cooling off, a source insisted to InsiderNJ, between Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) and Governor-elect Phil Murphy.


Murphy showed up to Sweeney’s party last night in Mount Laurel and spoke.

“We’re both Irish!” the Governor-elect exulted to grins.

His executive team picks apparently didn’t hurt either, contributing to an abatement of Sweeney World irritation.

The likes of Lynn Haynes, Rob-Asaro-Angelo, Scarlet, Braz, were solid, a Murphy ally said, referring to key members of the executive team.

“These are people who know Trenton, who are very smart and have relationships deeper than most of the Murphy team,” said the source, approving now where 24 hours ago persisted jeering frustration  with Murphy World.

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One response to “Murphy Shows Up at Sweeney’s Party – Addresses the Crowd: ‘We’re Both Irish!’”

  1. Haynes, Angelo, Braz, Scarlett – all respected operators. That said, they’ll be roadkill in the broader scheme if Murphy doesn’t get smart (and quickly) about his relationship and start paying basic deference to Sweeney.

    Like it or not, Sweeney and Norcross hold the keys to the kingdom. Murphy’s compulsion to get in bed with the Prieto/NJEA crowd is political suicide.

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