Murphy: Star-Ledger Turned ‘My Son’s Youth into Click Bait’

Carl Golden, senior contributing analyst with the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University, discusses how Gov. Phil Murphy is faced with settling on the least damaging option rather than the most beneficial one when deciding which action to take with the proposed NJ budget for 2020.

Prior to addressing the budget with 12 days left on the clock, an emotional Governor Phil Murphy this morning fought back against a Star-Ledger story detailing his son’s troubles last year with alcohol.

“All of us who enter politics must accept some level of public scrutiny,” Murphy told reporters. “I do not have misconceptions about that but I think every one can agree every child should have the right to grow.”

The Ledger, Murphy said, “turned my son’s youth into click bate. It’s quite simply a disgrace.

“He’s a special dude, imperfect to be sure, but special,” the Governor added of his son.

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One response to “Murphy: Star-Ledger Turned ‘My Son’s Youth into Click Bait’”

  1. I will never purchase the Star Ledger again, the story was disgraceful. Families are sacred and are not to be brought into the political arena.
    Remember the adage, “Let those without sin cast the first stone.” and no one on this earth will pick up a pebble.
    Bob Knapp, Jersey City

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