Murphy Stops the Bleeding in Bergen, Beats Kim

PARAMUS- Has Tammy Murphy turned things around?

That remains to be seen, but the importance of her win tonight at the Bergen County Democratic convention can’t be overestimated.

She had lost, after all, five conventions in a row.

The tally was 738 to 419 (or 64%) in Murphy’s favor.

Murphy did not say this was a “big win,” but she did say – more than once – that the long night filled her with excitement. Voting began at 5 p.m. and the results were not announced until around 8:30 p.m.

Other than that, the First Lady said she’s staying the course, meaning she will continue to travel the state and talk to people.

“I’ll be back at it tomorrow,” she said.

Across the room,  Andy Kim was trying to make his first loss in six conventions sound not all that bad.

Kim stressed that more than 400 delegates voted against the wishes of county Chair Paul Juliano, who had endorsed Murphy.

Or as he put it, more than 400 people were “willing to stand up against the county chair … and against the governor and the governor’s family.”

Still, he said the convention endorsement battle was not a fair fight.

“Right from the outset, the chairman immediately came in and endorsed the First Lady,” Kim said.

Previously, the congressman had complained that he was denied an opportunity to talk to voters.

No, no, said Chairman Juliano.

“We did this fairly,” he said.

Juliano acknowledged he supported Murphy, but denied pressuring delegates to vote for her. He said:

“I didn’t put any pressure, but I worked for her because I think she was the right candidate.”

By that, Juliano said he made calls on Murphy’s behalf, but voters did what they wanted.

As the union hall convention site cleared out, Kim was looking to the June primary, which is precisely three months away.

He said he plans to carry Bergen County on June 4.

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One response to “Murphy Stops the Bleeding in Bergen, Beats Kim”

  1. Who really cares. Kim, Murphy are more of the same liberal democrat ideology.
    The Republican party is dead in NJ, so clearly Murphy or Kim will win. The people of NJ get what they vote for.

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