Murphy and Sweeney Exchange Hellos – Nothing More – at Joe D. Kickoff

Jeff Brindle, Executive Director of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, says that legislation that requires greater transparency with elections and lobbying in NJ is something that everyone wants, regardless of political affiliation.

NEWARK – Phil Murphy and Steve Sweeney didn’t speak today about anything substantive, though they stood a few bodies apart at Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo’s kickoff.

“I didn’t talk to him with him about that today,” Murphy told InsiderNJ, when asked if he had had an opportunity to discuss the millionaire’s tax with the Senate President this morning.  They exchanged pleasantries, but that was all, the Governor-elect said.

The two men have spoken in the last number of days “about a broad range of things,” Murphy acknowledged – just not today.


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