Murphy Touts Jersey Dems: ‘Our Party Is Playing Everywhere’


Passing legal pot was the easy part; now the state has to make it happen.

“We’re working to get the enabling legislation,” Gov. Phil Murphy said today.

Next on the agenda, he said, will be naming commissioners to oversee the program.

The plan to actually implement legalized marijuana was one of the substantive highlights arising from a virtual cheer leading session today among the governor and other party luminaries.

In contrast to the uncertainty that still hovers over the presidential race for many Democrats, Murphy said New Jersey Democrats had a “great” election day. He reveled in the big wins the state gave to Joe Biden and Cory Booker. And then there was the fact, all 10 Democratic House members were elected and a clean sweep for Dems in what was once very-red Somerset County.

This is no accident, the governor asserted.

He said the party’s, progressive, pro-growth agenda meshes with what voters want.

Additionally, he said the party is not afraid to challenge Republicans on their home turf.

“Our party is playing everywhere,” he said.

The most recent example of that is Morris County, which, if preliminary figures hold up, just elected two Democrats to the House for the second straight election cycle.

But the governor wants more, noting that Democratic state Legislative and freeholder candidates in Morris are in the lead. They are, but there are many votes still to be counted.

The exception to the festive Zoom session was the fact Amy Kennedy is losing, albeit narrowly, to jJeff Van Drew in CD-2.

“We’re all in for Amy, let’s stay in the fight,” he said, pointing out that the race has yet to be called.

In praising Kennedy, the governor said that her opponents “threw the kitchen sink at her.

O.K. But that was hardly unexpected.

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One response to “Murphy Touts Jersey Dems: ‘Our Party Is Playing Everywhere’”

  1. We need now to gear up and work for the re election of our great Governor Phil Murphy in 2021.

    This Governor has been extremely proactive in the most horrid pandemic we have seen in our life time. He came out of a serious medical procedure and with his team has worked and continue to work to do the best for the health, safety and welfare of all in New Jersey.

    With the help of God, I will work 24/4 in 2021 for him.

    Bob Knapp, Jersey City

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