Murphy Zaps Johnson with Influence Peddling Charge: Compares His Work Product to Mastro Report

​Struck by their opponent’s call for an ELEC investigation, the Murphy for Governor campaign today retaliated by asking Jim Johnson to fess up about his receiving a $10 million taxpayer-funded no-bid contract to represent New York City in response to the federal investigation into allegations that the de Blasio administration traded political favors for contributions.
A “Debevoise & Plimpton corporate defense attorney” was how the Murphy Campaign branded the self-professed people power candidate, who routinely dismisses Murphy in public statements as a Goldman Sachs retread.

Refusing to stand by and get painted as such, the Murphy Campaign asked  Johnson to explain his solicitation of a $2,500 campaign contribution from NYC Corporation Counsel Zachary Carter — the official who awarded his firm the no-bid contract.

The Murphy Campaign drew a line from Johnsoon’s work product to the taxpayer-funded Mastro investigation into Bridgegate, which Governor Cris Christie claimed absolved him. The de Blasio administration awarded Johnson’s firm a similar contract to respond to federal criminal investigations into the city administration.

“The facts are clear: Jim Johnson has profited from political influence peddling and been a part of trying to whitewash it,” noted Murphy for Governor advisor Julie Roginsky. “Not only did Johnson take a $10 million no-bid contract, he solicited a $2,500 contribution from the same public official who awarded his firm the contract and then hired the political consultants paid by the organization reportedly under investigation. Jim Johnson is a walking conflict of interest.”

In a statement, Johnson Communications Director Aleigha Cavalier said, “We need a new era of ethics and honesty in Trenton, which is why Jim Johnson has called for a campaign spending cap, a ban on no-bid contracts, and brought forward a request for investigation into Phil Murphy’s campaign breaking New Jersey election law. As a typical politician with a typical response, Phil Murphy is trying to deflect by attacking Jim for actions taken by his law firm after he retired, which a simple Google search shows.”

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