Murphy: “Please Stay Home… And Let’s Stay Compassionate to One Another’


The region needs the feds to supply $100 billion of direct cash assistance to fund the massive number of cash-bled programs and stem the backlash of COVID-19-impaired economic engine grind-down, Governor Phil Murphy said this afternoon on a conference call with reporters.

“We cannot do all that and not have a back and fill from the federal government,” said Murphy. “We need government like never before.”

The governor said the state has not laid off any workers, and doesn’t plan to, but again, desperately needs federal assistance.

In 24 hours, New Jersey absorbed 590 additional COVID-19 cases.

The state now officially has 1,914 total cases of the virus in all 21 counties.

“The big up is a result of the testing,” Murphy said. “The more data we have, the better able we will crack the back of this virus.”

The state suffered four more deaths, bringing the total COVID-19 death count to 20 New Jerseyans.

“Our prayers are with these blessed souls and their families,” said the Governor. “Stay inside if you do not need to be out. All employees must work from home.”

He advised only those citizens presenting symptoms to get tested.

“We cannot accept the worried well. If you don’t have symptoms we don’t have enough [manpower and supplies] to test you,” Murphy said.

Union County tomorrow will open a testing facility by appointment only at Kean University.

Murphy said he has heard from Asian Americans worried about hateful COVID-19 backlash.

“This repugnant and repulsive behavior is wrong,” the governor said. “We are one New Jersey family. Let’s stay compassionate to one another.”


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  • Robert Knapp

    This article with the emphasis on compassion by our Governor has been the stance of Phil Murphy throughout his administration. To govern with knowledge, leadership, honesty, integrity and a true caring and compassion for all of the people. This is what Governor Murphy is all about. We are fortunate to have him at the helm Amen!

    Bob Knapp, Jersey City

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