Native New Jerseyans Who Distinguished Themselves in Politics Elsewhere

Isaac Tichenor (Newark): Fifth Governor of Vermont and U.S. Senator from Vermont

Grover Cleveland (Caldwell): 22nd and 24th President of the United States

George DeGraw Moore (Caldwell): Wisconsin State Senator, 1850 and 1851

Beveridge Dunlop (Paterson): Progressive New York Assemblyman, 1913-1914

Albert Morano (Paterson): U.S. Representative from Connecticut, 1951-1959

Barney Frank (Bayonne): former U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts

Steve Schmidt (North Plainfield): Senior Campaign Strategist for McCain 2008

Frank Guinta (Edison): former Mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire

Art Feltman (Paterson): former Democratic Congressman from Connecticut (1997-2009)

Patricia Gerard (Paterson): First female Mayor of Largo, Florida (2006-2013)

Ken Cuccinelli (Edison): former Virginia Attorney General and 2013 GOP nominee for Governor

Nadine Strossen (Jersey City): former President of the ACLU (1991-2008)

Victor Mitchell (Edison): former GOP member of the Colorado House of Representatives (2007-09)

John Delaney (Wood-Ridge): Maryland Congressman and Democratic candidate for President

Reince Priebus (Dover): former Chair of Republican National Committee, former Trump COS

Warren Van Wyck (Paterson): Republican member of the Vermont House of Representatives

Phil Bredesen (Oceanport): former Governor of Tennessee and 2018 GOP Senate candidate

Patrick Morrissey (Edison): Attorney General of West Virginia and 2018 GOP Senate candidate

Robert Smith (Trenton): Former New Hampshire Rep.

Ed Koch (Newark): Former New York City Mayor

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  1. Former Sen. and Rep. Bob Smith – New Hampshire. Born in Trenton, spent youth in Upper Freehold Twp. and attended Allentown High School.

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