All She Needs is Love: Chaneyfield Jenkins’ Best Result in the Newark Election

What does Central Ward Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins – the likely challenger to sitting Mayor Ras Baraka – have to do tonight in order to justifiably celebrate?

The equivalent of nirvana for the councilwoman is her ally Charles Love wins a School Board seat, according to one source on the front line of today’s Newark School Board Election, a miniature mock up of next year’s mayor’s race.

If Love comes in a credible fourth she can spin a high five reaction, the same source said.

But if the politically connected unity ticket wins and Baraka ally Patricia Bradford boxes out Love, Chaneyfield Jenkins won’t have cause to be exited. The best result for Baraka is if unity ticket member Reginald Bledsoe and Bradford win – and Love limps into fifth or worse.

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