A New Era Begins in the New Jersey Senate

A day after the state senate bid adieu to ten colleagues, the governing body welcomed ten new members, who assumed their oaths of office hours before Governor Phil Murphy delivers a scheduled state of the state address, and in the face of an impending storm.

Last night the governor declared a state of emergency (details here).

The 221st Senate also restored state Senate President Nick Scutari (D-22) to the throne of power and gave its continued blessing to Senate Republican Leader Tony Bucco (R-25).

New faces in the room struck a decided new beginning chord, while also reminding those present of past glories.

“We lost a quarter of them yesterday, but we’ve got another quarter coming in,” proclaimed Scutari. “It

Senate Majority Leader Ruiz and her daughter.

feels like the calvary’s coming in, but we’re also going to miss some real giants of the senate.”

The senate also reupped state Senator M. Teresa Ruiz (D-29) as senate majority leader.

“Thank you again for your vote of confidence,” said Ruiz, a 16-year member of the senate. “I started when I was ten.”

“Republicans will continue to supply the voice of reason in Trenton,” said Bucco, who spoke after Ruiz.

Senator Turner

The new class of senators notably includes John Burzichelli, a former assemblyman from South Jersey with a distinguished record, who displaced movement conservative Republican Ed Durr. John McKeon is another legislative veteran, who assumed the seat held for 50 years by his predecessor, Richard J. Codey.

Veteran Senator Shirley Turner (D-15) will serve as senate president pro tempore in the new session.

The full body consists of 24 Democrats and 16 Republicans.

Those new members assuming the oath:

In District 3:

Senator John Burzichelli – D


In District 4:

Senator Paul Moriarty – D


In District 8:

Senator Latham Tiver – R


In District 9:

Senator Carmen Amato – R


In District 12:

Senator Owen Henry – R


In District 24:

Senator Parker Space – R


In District 27:

Senator John McKeon – D


In District 34:

Senator Britnee Timberlake – D


In District 31:

Senator Angela McKnight – D


In District 32:

Senator Raj Mukherji – D


The session
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2 responses to “A New Era Begins in the New Jersey Senate”

  1. Why have the legislators failed to fund cancer research? The only state commission on cancer research hasn’t had any legislative approval for an increase in funding for 40 years.! Something is wrong when we can dedicate $10 M for sickle cell disease and not fund cancer research which is the 2nd leading cause of death in NJ.

  2. A New Era Begins in the New Jersey Senate???? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Nothing is going to change. Democrats will continue their California-East dismantling of our once great state with their Communist programs and propaganda. Property Taxes anyone???? That’s an issue that should have been decided over 50 years ago, where property taxes were supposed to be nonexistent because the sales tax, then the income tax, then the lottery, then horse-race betting, then off-track betting, then casino gambling, then on-line gambling, and now legalization of marijuana was supposed to eliminate property taxes. Billions were stolen from those taxes, lotteries, gambling, etc. and used for every other Democrat-Socialist-Communist program. And, New Jersey property owners and taxpayers got screwed!!!!!

    And, what about the New Jersey “Sanctuary State” disposition made by our esteemed leader “Comrade Phil KNUCKLEHEAD Murphy”. He said NJ is a “Sanctuary State” even though he doesn’t want illegals sent from the southern border to NJ. However, the Democrat-Communist Administration in Trenton spends $4 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY to pay for illegal aliens to have free housing, free healthcare, free education, free legal services, free welfare, etc. at taxpayers’ expense. $2 BILLION of the $4 BILLION per year was the amount that was to go to funding $10,000 per year in property tax reimbursement to senior property owners in NJ. When Murphy heard this money would be taken away from illegal aliens, he went nuts and said he wouldn’t allow $10,000 per year reimbursements to senior property taxpayers. Instead, he reduced the amount to $6500 per year based on $1.3 BILLION DOLLARS to the reimbursement. This money is not going to be reimbursed until 2026. Why not now???? Because, as we all know, it was an election ploy to get Democrats re-elected.

    Now, based on his own NJ economics experts, New Jersey may not have the money to fund the property tax reimbursement in 2026 because the figures are showing a significant downward trend in the budget. How convenient!!!!! Yes, we will have the money. In fact, we will have enough for the $10,000 annual property tax reimbursements/rebates for senior property taxpayers. Going forward, it should be taken out of the funding for illegal aliens immediately!!!!!!!

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