New Jersey Citizen Action Buzzes MacArthur’s District

An airplane sponsored by New Jersey Citizen Action tonight dragged a banner with a message aimed at U.S. Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-3)  – the lone member of the New Jersey Congressional delegation who last month was primed to vote to appeal Obamacare: “WARNING: REP MACARTHUR WANTS TO TAKE AWAY YOUR HEALTHCARE.”
“Congressman MacArthur is working with President Trump and House Speaker Ryan on a bill that will take health care away from the people of this district including the seniors he is speaking with tonight,” said NJCA Health Care Program Director Maura Collinsgru.No one will be immune from the cutbacks this bill proposes.  
“He is the only one in the NJ Congressional delegation unwilling to protect our coverage and benefits in Medicaid, the Marketplace and Medicare,” she added. “All other 11 members of the NJ delegation understand the devastating impact this bill would have for our state, why can’t he?  It will not only hurt people, it will weaken our hospitals and other providers as well as the state’s economy.”

According to New Jersey Policy Perspective research, the bill that Congress has proposed would leave nearly 34,0000 more people in this district uninsured and allow insurers to charge 307,100 New Jerseyans with pre-existing conditions more for their coverage.

“This bill tears down many of the protections and benefits millions rely on,” Collinsgru said. “It is not a fix.  It is time for Congressman MacArthur to put people over party and join with the other New Jersey representatives who rightly oppose this bill.”     


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