The New Jersey Judiciary Responds


In light of a recent letter from a citizen who served as the foreperson for a Monmouth County Grand Jury, the New Jersey Judiciary would like to make clear its policy for the swearing-in of prospective jurors.

When jurors take an oath of allegiance and affirm that they will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, they are not compelled to swear on a Christian Bible. Jurors may swear their allegiance on a Hebrew Bible, the Quran, or any holy book. They may also choose to affirm their oath without using a holy book.

Jurors of all faiths, and those who do not subscribe to a particular religion, should know that their beliefs are respected by the court system. We appreciate the sacrifices made by all who meet their civic obligation to serve as jurors and we thank you for your important contribution to our system of justice.

Peter McAleer

Director of Communications and Community Relations

New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts

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  1. All due respect, but McAleer didn’t read the letter correctly. The writer referred to the swearing of WITNESSES. not jurors. Big difference.

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