New Jersey State Police Assumes Control of New Jersey Port from Waterfront Commission


Governor Phil Murphy, Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin, and New Jersey State Police Superintendent Colonel Patrick J. Callahan announced that as of Monday, July 17 the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) Port Security Section (PSS) has officially taken over the regulatory and law enforcement duties previously held by the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor (WCNYH) within New Jersey. The WCNYH was formed in 1953 under a bi-state compact between New Jersey and New York.

Given the changing needs of the Port, New Jersey enacted legislation to leave the compact in 2018, sparking a five-year legal battle that culminated in a unanimous decision by the United States Supreme Court in April 2023 that affirmed New Jersey’s right to unilaterally withdraw from the Commission. Since that decision, the Murphy Administration has worked closely with New York State officials to ensure an orderly transition that will have minimal impact on the day-to-day operations of the Port.

The NJSP has assumed the administrative, regulatory, and law enforcement tasks formerly handled by the WCNYH, including mandatory employment licensing for waterfront workers and conducting law enforcement investigations at the Port.

“Since day one of my administration, I have been committed to ending the outdated Waterfront Commission and replacing it with a structure suited for the 21st century, and I am proud that our administration has delivered on that promise,” said Governor Murphy. “I am grateful to everyone who made this day possible, both for the legal victory and the transition in operations that has been finalized over the last three months. I know that the New Jersey State Police, one of the nation’s finest law enforcement forces, will do a superb job taking over the Commission’s responsibilities, and I look forward to this new chapter in the Port’s history.”

“This day is years in the making, and we never stopped fighting for New Jersey’s right to control its own port – a fight that took us all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Under Governor Murphy’s steadfast leadership, we begin a new era of commerce and security of the state’s waterfront,” said Attorney General Platkin. “And there is no agency more up to the task than the dedicated members of the New Jersey State Police. I applaud Colonel Callahan for standing up a top-flight unit to oversee the Port and bring its operations into the 21st century.”

“As we embark on this new chapter for the New Jersey State Police, we welcome the myriad of responsibilities of the Waterfront Commission. New Jersey State Troopers are among the finest and most capable law enforcement officers in the country and possess all the competencies to investigate and disrupt crime and manage a multitude of complex administrative functions,” said Colonel Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. “We thank the Governor’s Office and the Office of the Attorney General for their support and confidence in the State Police’s capabilities in taking on the Commission’s law enforcement and regulatory responsibilities.”

Initial planning began well before the Supreme Court’s April decision, and tasks accelerated between the two States afterward to maintain the safety and integrity of the Port, without disruption in the flow of commerce. The States have pledged cooperation going forward through their respective law enforcement agencies.

Guidelines for those doing business with the Ports can be found in the Guidance Document. These guidelines will serve as interim guidance until NJSP promulgates formal rules and regulations regarding its new oversight functions. As explained in the guidance, licenses, registrations, and permits issued previously will continue to be valid until the expiration date listed on the card; future applications will be processed by the PSS.

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29 responses to “New Jersey State Police Assumes Control of New Jersey Port from Waterfront Commission”

  1. Well well well, if they are giving this to the NJ State t-bags then murphy has some nefarious plans for the ports. Something to fill his pockets and will for sure cost the nj taxpayers dearly in safety or some other devious tactic that the badged criminals have become some accustomed to performing against the citizens.

    It’s almost like the nj tax payer likes getting screwed over and lied to.

  2. So where does that leave African A Erica s who traditionally are locked out from Port access opportunities?

  3. So where does that leave African Americans s who traditionally are locked out from Port access opportunities?

  4. You can’t be that ignorant and stupid they were more Black people working at the ports then white people and minorities than ever before

  5. Does this cover Port Newark where the tragedy occurred recently? If not it should. The present operators are obviously out of their depth.

  6. I don’t know anything about the Waterfront Commision but if murphy was so eager to take over the Jersey Port then ,clearly it will benefit murphy and nobody else.

  7. Not true Andy. There are many African American Longshoreman, etc at Port Newark/Elizabeth. You’ve been misinformed. In fact there is also a “Black”local that assures that the work assignments are equally disbursed.

  8. was about time.the giant is dead. Now people can apply
    For a job ,not only the family of the old employer in the
    Pier. I hope that now the way the truck drive being treated change. And the port employer do the job that they get pay for it.

  9. When policy makers make policies to extend a helping hand to corporations they are invested in it is a crime you know in every state there’s legislators that are invested in Geico and other large insurance companies and now insurance is mandatory not just car insurance all insurance no one seems to get the hint it’s hilarious how blindly simple lazy and cowardly most of us have become we just go along with every new tax and blackmail that they put on us

  10. They should demand that all ships have effective fire exhaustion systems and they should have containment on every level just like if water coming in close doors and hatches this way fire doesn’t spread through whole ship God bless good luck

  11. Murphy….& Callahan, nice Irish couple taking over the Regulatory Italian Port. Now maybe other nationalities can get a job at the port. Way to go guys…keep the focus off of white supremacy in law enforcement. 👏 🤔

  12. Well that’s great!! Now maybe they can oversee and crackdown on the crime ring that are stealing the cars out f Haddonfield

  13. This is a great move, it will stop all crime activities at the port, there will be no car steal and smuggling out NJ port .

  14. So when is Governor Murphy going to do something about Winslow Township and other citizens taking citizens possessions and terrorizing them for not one law broken not one indication of the law broken but because a friend of a friend tried to put somebody in a bad spot and that person said no, so the first person called his councilman friend well actually cousin and they set forth in a terroristic bullying intimidating tactics to a disabled single woman. And if that’s not enough the woman was going through the loss of two of her children when they decided to take her possessions with no legal cause. And because the administrator of that Town’s son works for the prosecutor’s office they then came up with false charges on her put her in jail several times but there’s no documentation on why she’s put in jail or anything verify that she had broke any laws. They have used so much of the state’s resources and money terrorizing this woman that was absolutely no threat to the public herself the environment or anything else in a negatory manner. Is anybody going to do something about that because Justice can’t be found in that county since you know the administrator of that towns family works in the prosecutor’s office. New Jersey loves corruption that’s what the bumper stickers should say

  15. I’m going to come in very soon, a lot of people have no idea what’s going on and I can bring it to the forefront and I’m going to sincerely Anthony Parker

  16. It must’ve been a voice text error however, I meant to say I’m going to bring a lot of people in and I’m going to bring it to the forefront

  17. People out there aren’t very sharp or bright
    In the port on NJ you have, half white and half black as for colors. Then there is at least one of every country of the worry working there.
    People just mad because there criminal history doesn’t allow them to get a job there, so they talk poop about the peeps who do.

  18. I hope the changeover is planned to reduce admin costs and is not simply a chance for the NJSP to provide more internal opportunities for promotion. If not already underway or prepared to support the change, the idea of saving taxpayers money by examining the role of the Port Authority PD should be on the table.

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