New Poll Shows Kim with Massive Lead over Menendez

Today, a poll by End Citizens United // Let America Vote (ECU // LAV) shows U.S. Rep. Andy Kim with a massive lead over indicted Senator Bob Menendez in the primary race for New Jersey’s Senate seat up in 2024.

“I’m running to give people in New Jersey a choice. The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher, and people understand that if Senator Menendez is the Democratic nominee, we could lose this seat. People understand that, and this poll makes it clear we are ready to move on from indictments and allegations of corruption,” said Congressman Kim. “This poll is a clear signal that voters are ready for a new kind of politics. A politics rooted in service, respect, and integrity. This poll showed that people in New Jersey are ready for leadership that’s looking out for them.”

ECU // LAV’s poll has Congressman Kim winning a head-to-head race with Senator Menendez with 63% of likely primary voters and Sen. Menendez with 10%; 28% of people who responded were undecided.

“Congressman Kim is building the strongest campaign, offering the sharpest contrast, and showing he has what it takes to win,” said ECU // LAV President Tiffany Muller. “The message from New Jersey Democrats is loud and clear: they strongly support Congressman Kim for U.S. Senate over corrupt Senator Menendez.”

An earlier poll conducted by VoteVets had Congressman Kim beating a generic Republican candidate in a general election, while Senator Menendez lost in the same head-to-head. You can read the details about that poll here.

Congressman Andy Kim was first elected to Congress in 2018 and is the first Asian American elected to federal office from New Jersey. In 2018 and 2020, Andy defeated two self-funding millionaires in a district carried by former President Trump, and in 2022 Kim defeated his third self-funding millionaire opponent by 12 points.

In his three terms in Congress, Kim has worked to deliver improved health care for veterans, relief for homeowners suffering from Superstorm Sandy, and has been a leader in strengthening congressional ethics and getting money and its corrupting influence out of politics.

A second poll released today likewise shows Kim with a huge lead over the embattled, indicted incumbent.

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4 responses to “New Poll Shows Kim with Massive Lead over Menendez”

  1. Kim has a a superb voting record as member of the House of Representatives. NJ will be very fortunate to have him as our US Senator.

  2. Would the same poll find that Mickey Mouse is wildly more popular than the crooked Senator?

    When I ran against Bob Menendez and Andy Kim was his running mate, I showed that a smart, focused, people-powered campaign can get within striking distance of these crooks without spending gobs of money but PACs, pollsters & the media conspired to ignore your best interests by pretending that I do not exist.

    I predict that warmongering Andy Kim is not going to be a US Senate contender in 2024, but neither should quasi-Republican Democrats like Josh Gottheimer or Mikie Sherrill. While there is a good chance that some Wall Street millionaire is going to try to buy this election, it’s 90 seconds to midnight and our political system is broken.

    Americans must rise to the responsibility of citizenship! Join me at to find out how we can replace the do-nothing Congress with real Americans, like me and you.

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