NJ Footprint Felt in Iowa with Bernie 2020 heading into Monday Ground Zero Game


In addition to Analilia Mejia’s role as Bernie 2020 National Political Director, NJ Bernie organizers are playing a key role in the ground game for Monday’s Iowa Caucus on behalf of Bernie for President 2020.

Carlos Rojas, leader of Cosecha NJ and a key activist in the NJ Driver Driver License Campaigns, is off to Iowa as the National Director of Latino Outreach for Bernie 2020. He is playing a key role organizing the first ever bi-lingual Latino Caucases in Iowa as described in the NYT story.

Carlos Rojas caught the attention of the Bernie 2020 campaign when he confronted  VP Biden on his position to continue Obama’s deportations policies back in the fall.

Rojas is from Elizabeth and is a well known immigrant rights advocate in New Jersey.

Other notable #NJ4Bernie2020 field organizers currently in Iowa are Alex Inkiow, Awais Qazi and Nancy Love.

NJ for Bernie 2020 volunteers are scheduled to make calls on friday and over the weekend to compliment the ground game by the Bernie Campaign.  “Everyone in NJ right now is called to be an Iowa volunteer,” said Patricia Campos Medina, Vice-Chair of the NJ for Bernie Campaign.

About 50 NJ4 Bernie2020 volunteers are headed to New Hampshire next.

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