NJ State Building & Construction Trades Council Issues 2021 Endorsements

Building Trades president Bill Mullen attends a meeting with the State Building Trades Council, NJ Governor Phil Murphy and Labor Commissioner Rob Asaro-Angelo in Trenton.

The NJ State Building & Construction Trades Council has announced its endorsements for the November 2021 Gubernatorial and State Legislature elections. The council endorsed incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy for Governor and a strong, bipartisan slate of State Senate and Assembly candidates.

“Our nation has been mired in a seemingly endless series of controversies and partisan political divisions since well before the 2016 Presidential election,” said Council President William T. Mullen. “These conflicts have not only blocked efforts to rationally deal with the very real issues confronting our nation but have also filtered down to the state and local levels, stifling initiatives that promote growth and progress.

“When you add the death, sickness and economic downturn created by the Covid-19 virus, you get a perfect storm of chaos and drift that can only be resolved by encouraging a sense of trust and respect between parties and between elected officials and the public.”

“As a private sector union, the building trades take a bipartisan approach to all of our endorsements, we are well known to be a very loyal group to those who are loyal to us and have a proven track record with our supporters,” said Mullen.

Following an extensive screening process, the council’s unions, representing 150,000 building tradesmen and women, endorsed a roster of statewide candidates who support building trade’s need for creating jobs and economic prosperity in New Jersey. In addition to Governor Murphy, the building trades’ council has endorsed 78 Democrats and 20 Republicans in New Jersey’s 40 Legislative Districts.

We no longer endorse a Legislator who has not committed to supporting building trades issues, that is why this year we have made no endorsements in an unprecedented 23 races.

“Phil Murphy has been a strong advocate for the building trades and has always worked with our council to create new pathways into good building trades jobs and he has made a commitment to enforcing the Labor Laws here in New Jersey” Mullen said. “His impressive professional and political careers demonstrate his strong ability to lead our state during these divisive times and successfully guide us through this terrible Covid-19 pandemic.

“All of our endorsed candidates have stood with us on matters of vital importance to our livelihoods and know the importance of setting aside fruitless political bickering and blind partisan agendas in pursuit of the common good. It’s now our obligation to stand with them as they seek election in November,” finished Mullen.


Governor of NJ Phil Murphy


1st District Michael Testa * No Endorsement No Endorsement
2nd District Vince Mazzeo John Armato * Caren Fitzpatrick
3rd District Stephen Sweeney * John Burzichelli * Adam Taliaferro*
4th District Fred Madden * Paul Moriarty * Gabriela Mosquera *
5th District Nilsa Cruz-Perez * William F. Moen Jr. * William W. Spearman *
6th District James Beach * Louis Greenwald * Pamela Lampitt *
7th District Troy Singleton * Herb Conaway * Carol Murphy *
8th District Dawn Marie Addiego * Mark Natale Allison Eckel
9th District No Endorsement No Endorsement No Endorsement
10th District No Endorsement No Endorsement No Endorsement
11th District Vin Gopal * Eric Houghtaling * Joann Downey *
12th District Samuel D. Thompson * Ronald S. Dancer * No Endorsement
13th District Vincent Solomeno III No Endorsement No Endorsement
14th District Linda R. Greenstein * Wayne P. DeAngelo * Daniel R. Benson *
15th District Shirley K. Turner * Verlina Reynolds-Jackson * Anthony S. Verrelli *
16th District Andrew Zwicker Roy Freiman * Joseph A. Lukac III
17th District Bob Smith * Joseph Egan * Joe Danielsen *
18th District Patrick J. Diegnan Jr * Robert J. Karabinchak * Sterley Stanley *
19th District Joseph Vitale * Craig J. Coughlin * Yvonne Lopez *
20th District Joseph P. Cryan* Annette Quijano * Reginald Atkins
21st District Jon Bramnick Nancy Munoz * No Endorsement
22nd District Nicholas P. Scutari * James J. Kennedy * Linda Carter *
23rd District No Endorsement No Endorsement No Endorsement
24th District Steven V. Oroho * Parker Space * Harold J. Wirths *
25th District Anthony M. Bucco * Brian Bergen * Aura K. Dunn *
26th District Joe Pennacchio * Christian E. Barranco No Endorsement
27th District Richard J. Codey * John F. McKeon * Mila M. Jasey *
28th District Ronald Rice * Cleopatra Tucker * No Endorsement
29th District M. Teresa Ruiz * Shanique Speight * No Endorsement
30th District Robert Singer * Sean T. Kean * Edward H. Thomson *
31st District Sandra B. Cunningham * William Sampson Angela V. McKnight *
32nd District Nicholas Sacco * Angelica M. Jimenez * Pedro Mejia *
33rd District Brian P. Stack * Raj Mukherji * Annette Chaparro *
34th District Nia Gill* Thomas Giblin * No Endorsement
35th District Nellie Pou * Shavonda E. Sumter * Benjie E. Wimberly *
36th District Paul Sarlo * Gary Schaer * No Endorsement
37th District Gordon M. Johnson * Shama A. Haider Ellen J. Park
38th District Joseph A. Lagana * Lisa Swain * Christopher Tully
39th District Holly Schepisi * No Endorsement No Endorsement
40th District Kristin M. Corrado * No Endorsement No Endorsement

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