NJEA Issues Another Round of Endorsements

The endorsements come from a vote to NJEA’s 125-member political action committee (NJEA PAC). Candidates were invited to respond to a questionnaire about their public education and labor priorities and invited to attend a screening with members of their local screening committee, made up of NJEA members from their district, and reflecting the diversity of NJEA’s membership. The screening committees made recommendations to the full NJEA PAC, which voted on their recommendations.

The candidates endorsed this week are:

LD 2: Vincent J. Polistina (R) for Senate and Donald A. Guardian (R) for Assembly

LD 4: Paul D. Moriarty (D) for Senate and Cody Miller (D) and Dan Hutchison (D) for Assembly

LD 5: Nilsa I. Cruz-Perez (D) for Senate and William W. Spearman (D) and William F. Moen, Jr. (D) for Assembly

LD 6: James Beach (D) for Senate and Pamela R. Lampitt (D) and Louis D. Greenwald (D) for Assembly

LD 7: Troy Singleton (D) for Senate and Herb Conaway, Jr. (D) and Carol A. Murphy (D) for Assembly

LD 8: Latham Tiver (R) for Senate and Anthony Angelozzi (D) and Brandon E. Umba (R) for Assembly

LD 9: Brian E. Rumpf (R) for Assembly

LD 10: Emma Mammano (D) for Assembly

LD 13: Paul Eschelbach (D) for Assembly

LD 14: Linda R. Greenstein (D) for Senate and Wayne P. DeAngelo (D) and Tennille McCoy (D) for Assembly

LD 15: Shirley K. Turner (D) for Senate and Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (D) and

Anthony S. Verrelli (D) for Assembly

LD 21: Jon M. Bramnick (R) for Senate and Michele Matsikoudis (R) for Assembly; Elizabeth Graner (D) and Nancy F. Munoz (R) are Your Choice candidates for Assembly.

LD 25: Anthony M. Bucco (R) for Sente and Aura K. Dunn (R) for Assembly

LD 28: Renee C. Burgess (D) for Senate and Cleopatra G. Tucker (D) and Garnet R. Hall (D) for Assembly

The lists of previously endorsed candidates can be found here and here.

NJEA’s officers, President Sean M. Spiller, Vice President Steve Beatty and Secretary-Treasurer, Petal Robertson, reiterated their statement from the previous round of endorsements:

“We are proud that our members have endorsed a bipartisan group of pro-public education candidates for this November’s election. These candidates have taken the time to meet with our members and discuss the issues that matter most to educators and New Jersey families. They demonstrated that they respect the role educators play and we believe they will work with us to strengthen our profession, support our students and keep our schools the best in the nation.

“Even where the members who made these endorsements don’t agree with every candidate on every issue, we all agree that our students deserve a great education and we commit to working together to achieve that.

“We also know that an endorsement is just the first step. Our members are also committed to supporting these endorsed advocates of public education by making phone calls, knocking on doors, speaking to friends and colleagues and, most importantly, by voting for them. We are determined to once again elect a pro-public education majority in the New Jersey Legislature so we can continue to progress we are making and address the challenges we face.”

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4 responses to “NJEA Issues Another Round of Endorsements”

  1. Why does the NJEA get first priority on legislation in New Jersey??? They call themselves the pro-public education majority in the New Jersey Legislature so they can continue the progress they allegedly are making and address the alleged challenges they face.
    Apparently, the are they the largest political lobby. Is it because of corruption and bribery through pay-to-play?

    The legislators forget that the largest political lobby in New Jersey is the property taxpayers. We pay egregiously excessive amounts of education taxes in our property taxes making NJ the NO. 1 state for the highest property taxes IN THE NATION!!!!! It’s about time to reconfigure the education portion of the property taxes and de-couple the education taxes and pay it through income and sales taxes. This way, no one community is hit hard with the highest property taxes in the state that has the highest property taxes in the nation.

    Given that our school system in NJ is a failure, with our children being dumbed down with non-educational indoctrination of LGBTQ and CRT curricula that shouldn’t even be taught to anyone under 25 years of age because the reasoning and decision-making part of the brain is not fully developed until, the NJEA is promoting emotional, physical and sexual abuse of our children through the Communist school system.

    And, with urban schools graduating less than 40% at a 12th grade level of reading, writing, and math, we are paying at least 3 times more in property taxes over the past 20 years, with less services and less education of our children.

    The NJEA should not be allowed to control the Legislature when it comes to favoritism in legislation, money and power. It’s time for that union (another Communist construct) to be disbanded or at least lose its authority over the Legislature.

    Otherwise, New Jersey taxpayers will never have any say in controlling out of control tax and spend legislation, especially with regard to our overbloated, deadwood education system debacle.

  2. The NJEA is the biggest cause of increases in property taxes in this state. So why would any Republican accept their endorsement? The NJEA is also pushing the woke. LGBTQ agenda in our schools — yet Republicans like Brammnick accept the group’s endorsement. Maybe he can explain that.

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