Useful Idiots – American Students Who Support Hamas

By GEORGE BALL – The Middle East has been a powder keg for decades.  Now that powder keg is smoldering.  The largest pogrom of the 21st century and Israel’s increasingly bloody response to it do not auger well for the region or – if the keg explodes – the world.

Like the fog of war, the fog of unremembered history in a uniquely complex region has left many with half-understandings and half-baked opinions about the causes of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, its intractability, and possible solutions. But a few things are crystal clear.

There can be no justification for purposefully hunting and slaughtering 1,400 Israelis as if they were animals.

This is not really about Israeli policies.  Hamas is committed to killing Jews wherever they are.

And the university students who are supporting Hamas really should be spending their tuition dollars on other pursuits.  Like computer games, social media apps, or a new tricycle.  Instead of pretending to be critical thinkers.

Because Hamas is a proxy for Iran. The same Iran whose “morality police” killed 22 year-old Masha Amini for not wearing a head scarf, jailed thousands of those who protested that killing, and executed others for the crime of “enmity against God.”

The students who protest here would not last a minute in either Iran or Gaza if they protested there.  And yet we see those same students – in their tens of thousands – marching for regimes that would deny them their  basic human rights.

People can support whomever they want.  At least, in democracies.  But let us be clear.  This is not a movement about issues.  It is a movement of the mindless locked into a conclusion without reference to facts.  Worse – in their intellectual stupor, these students are walking on Masha Amini’s grave and delegitimizing the continuing oppression and suffering of millions of Iranian women.  While loudly proclaiming their direct (and indirect) support of groups for whom human rights is not even a tagline.

Yes, the Middle East is complicated.  Unless you are a simpleton.

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10 responses to “Useful Idiots – American Students Who Support Hamas”

  1. What people don’t understand is that the Israelis are the only ones that gave Palestinians a place to live (Gaza, West Bank), because no other Middle East country, e.g., Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other countries wanted them. Many of those Mid-East countries kicked the Palestinians out of those countries because Palestinians are hereditarily terrorists, the dregs of society, troublemakers, lazy, and mentally deranged.

    Even other more advanced Muslim countries did not want these people in their societies. The corporate leftist mainstream media keeps saying that 1/2 of the population is terrorists. But, the other 1/2 voted them in to power. Palestinians teach their own children to hate Israel and America from the time they start school. So, Palestinians are ALL terrorists. They created their own situation and now want to kill others that they do not like, e.g., Israelis, Americans, women, gays (that they throw off the roofs of tall buildings).

    The United States should NOT allow any Palestinians, Gazans or West Bankers into this country whatsoever. They are terrorists, criminals and anti-freedom. Just look at our Congresscritter Rashida Tlaib. She is a Palestinian. Apparently, she has serious mental disorders and hates everyone not Palestinian. It must take a lot of energy out of her, and others like her (Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, AOC, etc.) to hate and be stupid.

  2. All comments are appreciated. But appreciation is not the same as agreement. I insist, and I ask you to insist, that each person is treated as an individual and not dumped into an undifferentiated bucket. That is the essence of the great experiment that is American Democracy. The Progressive Left can’t see it. Nor the Hard Right. But I do, and I ask you to consider it, too.

  3. Unfortunately for the writer saying that each person should be treated “as an individual and not dumped into an undifferentiated bucket”, this is not the way of the Democrat-Socialist-Communist Party. They follow the precepts of Marxism to blame blocks of the citizenry and blame the opposition political party. That’s how the Soviet Union and Nazi dictatorships came into being. They dumped certain people, on basis of race, nationality, religion & religious beliefs, and political persuasion into undifferentiated buckets. This is what the Democrat-Socialist-Communist Party in America is doing to Republicans, Conservatives and Christians. So, the writer can speak volumes about his own version of utopia, but the reality will hit him smack in the face.

  4. The best article. However, you omitted the most useful idiot of them all – that sap-ass Biden who is now pushing for a two state solution, allowing these murderous pigs to again do the same thing. F-4 driver in Israel in 1973.

  5. I wonder whoever support Hamas in USA, does had any idea how is the living of a terrorist and extremist group? No, unfortunately most of them don’t know. Why they don’t go and try to live in Gaza or Iran? Take off your scarf, you will be executed! You get your 13-14 years of age or you got your period as women when you ar 10 years old, you are ready to marry and will force to marry someone who can buy you, your husband can be 15-20-30 years older than you! You suffer in poverty while government will spend millions of dollars to buy gun! Go live there , why you are living in Europe or America, if you are really into this terrorist! Go and live there!!! Sitting on soft sofa and talking nonsense! This is what become new generation! Going school but staying with a mind that it destroyed by spider webs.
    Whoever support Hamas, these innocent people blood is in your hand. Don’t tell me what about Israel! Breaking into people house, raping kids and women and cutting their breast! Yes this is Hamas and this is what you support. You support a terrorist group who take kids and teach them to kill human , women has no right in Gaza.
    If you wanna support then go live there! Very simple! You won’t survive a week there… People should stop to live in Lalaland!

  6. I would love to give you death, simply because you are a republican terrorist . You say all palistinians are bad and evil, well that is exactly what the world sees of the Red Party. I AM A true American. Your parents just jump the pond.. what you say about gaza ,may be true,
    But EVERYONE IN THE MIDDLE EAST ARE GOD DAMN JEWS!!!! They are no fucking different from each other, they are all an ugly species. Just like super white right extremist maga retards!


  7. This to H. You are so correct,, they should not even been allowed to enter this country. They would just ass use a horrible person(trump) to become president, will thier stupid vote count? Are they legal in this country? Do they even vote, will it matter if they dont?? They need to go back to gaza or wherever the fuck they came from. They need to be stopped and sent home°° college kids are just that, kids, stupid idiots, all we have are stupid college Kids!

  8. Hamas started it by bombing Isreal and taking hostages. What do you expect Isreal to do? Of course they are going to strike back.

    What did USA do when 911 happened? Well, we tracked down the terrorist that committed this crime and wiped them out.
    Hamas decides to hit the “biggest kid on the block”. Well, you should expect to get pummeled. Isreal is like a missle depot. They have to be to be able to protect themselves. This constant war over who God declares is better has been going on for ages.
    God loves everyone, no matter there race, color, or religion.
    As other writers commented, Hamas does not observe human rights. I would like to see how long these college students last over in the middle east protesting.

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